2014 Oscars Hairstyles: Glam Up Short Hair Like Charlize, Jennifer, Anne & More!

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What did the stars wore on Hollywood’s most glamorous night? I did answer that question earlier! But I’m also highly interested of their hairstyle and I thought there might be others like me out there, who are looking towards the stars for inspiration. Literally!

We all know how to style long hair. Somewhat. Actually, we have so many options with long/medium length hair that we’ll end up by finding something suitable, doable. Wearable. How about the beautiful ladies wearing their hair short? Can’t they get lucky with a beautiful hairstyle suitable for the occasion and their personality? Sure they can!

I rounded up 5 Oscars hairstyles you can wear yourself when the occasion presents itself: hit the jump to see them!

short hairstyle inspirations from the oscars

Lupita Nyong’o short hairstyle with headband

This award season has been really kind to Lupita. Not only did she gain recognition as an actor, but she also got to wear some of the most beautiful dresses with stunning elegance and effortless style. Styling her hair would’ve been a drag, had she not been this courageous and creative with her extremely short hair!

short hairstyle inspiration Lupita Nyongo Oscars

See that part atop of her head where the hair is longer? That makes it look like she has an updo! Which she doesn’t! Isn’t it amazing how she worked around a hairdo just by simply not shaving that part of hear head? It may not be very obvious, but her headband was actually gold and silver, perfectly mathing her earrings like they were part of it! Fabulous! Youthful, daring but also extremely tasteful and stylish!

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Oscars short hair tall backcomb

Now I was hesitant about how I should name this hairstyle but it reminded me so much of something men used to wear in the 60es rock’n roll era that the first thing I saw was ‘comb’ – remember when they were all wearing combs in their pockets just to fix errand strands in the rear mirror?

short hairstyle inspiration Jennifer Lawrence Portia Anne Hathaway

The key style coordinates of the 2014 Oscars were, of course, simplicity, subtlety, elegance and class. The ladies were all wearing their hair in glamorous retro waves, side swept, preferably with a long fringe tucked behind the ear. The short hair ladies were wearing their hair in an elegant, tall back comb, beautifully framing their face and adding a nice aura to their visage.

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Oscars short hairstyle: elegant minimal bob tucked behind the ears

This is the perfect style for growing out pixie cuts and fine, straight hair. Charlize Theron looked simply amazing! If you wouldn’t see her from behind, you’d swear she has long hair pulled back in a slick bun. But she doesn’t! She’s just like Lupita: wearing her short hair with so much grace and elegance that it makes it impossible for someone to guess the actual length of hair locks. (images getty)

short hairstyle inspiration Charlize Theron Oscars Kristin Chenoweth

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