2017 Spring Summer Haute Couture: Illustrators Heaven

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January is already history and some of us might still struggle with the New Year Resolutions list (executive orders seem to help -_^) yet the Haute Couture season is a happy, hopeful sight for sorrowed eyes!

Literally! The fabrics and trimmings seen on the Couture catwalks are made of illustrators dreams! Sewn not drew, the sartorial canvas is a dream to watch and to wear. I couldn’t wait for all the collections to be released, I had to share what I think is an Illustrator’s Dream in Haute Couture: the Spring Summer 2017 HC season!

fashion trends Maison Martin Margiela couture spring 2017

We’re used to seeing delicate flowers and intricate embroideries in every Valentino and Elie Saab collection – aren’t we? Take the delicacy of those beautiful dresses and add some terrifyingly sublime visions from the Maison Martin Margiela presentations and you’ll be immersed in a world of beauty.

dresses haute couture Dior spring summer 2017

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Fashion is but a reflection of the times we live in. Style is but a personal interpretation of that reflection. A peek at the Spring Summer 2017 Haute Couture collections will teach you that the interlaced strength and delicacy of the designs make for a sensitive balance of history in making.

dresses trends haute couture Dior spring summer 2017

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Faces peaking through garments, natural flowers growing on the sides of dresses, the clouds and the stories sewn in stand witnesses to our troubles and tribulations. Those clothes are story tellers! With the power invested in them by the little hands and the vision of those who cleverly designed them, the garments become part of the present epic.

flowery dresses Valentino couture spring summer 2017

Although I love flowers and plants, we’re always seeing them on the catwalks. Which is a wonderful thing, yet – the portraits sent by Galliano on the Martin Margiela Haute Couture Spring Summer 2017 runway have sealed the graphic deal for me. The hidden expressions, the artistic worth carry all the weight of the Spring Summer 2017 Couture significance.

print embroideries spring summer 2017 Valentino couture

I hope we’ll get to discuss the general outlines of this Couture Week soon – the styles and the cuts, the colors and the silhouettes. Not before a quick review of the SAG Red Carpet, though! Until then, let’s all dive into the splendid details of the Haute Couture and exchange thoughts and stylish ideas!

maxi dresses Valentino haute couture spring summer 2017

Which show captured your attention most and which designer whispered love dresses to your sartorial heart? Beyond executive orders, Patriots making NFL history, embroideries and veils make for a wonderful, blissful fashionable discourse. Would you say the clothes were too delicate for the times we live in or rather a style ode to peace and harmony?

embroidered dresses Valentino haute couture spring summer 2017

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Perhaps you have not considered this aspect of clothing and you’re still betting on the trendsmakers advice – take a moment and thing about it. We make fashion. Because we make history. We live our times and our living is reflected in every aspect of our lives, especially wardrobe-wise. Clothing is so much more than the mere gesture of covering ourselves. Our clothes speak about our values and views before we get to even open our mouth and say ‘hello!’.

summer dresses Elie Saab couture spring summer 2017

It seems like a good moment to remind us all to be true to ourselves. To our hearts. Feeling is living – if you have feelings about clothes, shoes, bags, food or flowers it’s all the same as long as you’re true to yourself and everything and everyone around you. Beyond names, places and times feelings rule supreme. Hold on to those and let go of everything else!

fashion prints Ralph Russo ss17 haute couture

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