2014 SAG Awards Red Carpet Black Dresses

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Choosing the right dress for a highlighted event such as the Screen Actors Guild Awards is no easy task. Many of the attending celebrities opt for the safe black dress either personally or through their stylists who propose little (or not so little) black dresses.

Tonight, at the 20th edition of the SAG Awards, there were quite a few black dresses we can talk about! Some I already mentioned before and I will just make a fugitive mention about: Jennifer Lawrence and Helen Mirren were the most astonishing among them!

Jennifer Lawrence Helen Mirren  black dresses SAG Awards

Little Black Dresses

literally! There were many black dresses that didn’t reach the floor, au contriare, they stopped around the knee! Which was something unique for this event as there were no other length except floor-sweeping! Mariah Carey in Saint Laurent black dress was the shortest!

Mariah Carey Saint Laurent black dress 2014 SAG Awards

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Closely followed Jennifer Grey and Laura Fraser who looked stunning in their just-below-the-knee little black dresses. Carice Van Houten was beautiful and funny in her black dress with back bow detail while Meryl Streep was absolutely radiant and gorgeous in yet another dress from Stella McCartney!

2014 SAG Awards black dresses Jennifer Grey Laura Fraser

2014 SAG Awards black dress Stella Meryl Streep

Emma Thompson’s William vintage dress was short enough so we could admire her shiny silver flat sandals – which can be considered as a faux pas by some who only swear on high heels! But that’s not Emma’s case, of course, as she’d wave all the haters away with her charming smile! (she did get a haircut in the two days since the last event took place, didn’t she?)

Emma Thompson black dress flat sandals 2014 SAG Awards

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The amazing Rita Moreno who took home a lifetime achievement award was amazing! She could definitely teach the young generation a thing or two about style! Her delicate black dress with flowers and phoenix motifs was worn underneath a studded black leather jacket! And her date was Morgan Freeman – can anyone get any more glamorous than that?

Rita Moreno black dress studded leather jacket 2014 SAG Awards

Rita Moreno Morgan Freeman 2014 SAG Awards

Glamorous black pants

The grand Liza Minnelli also walked the 2014 SAG Awards Red Carpet in an all black outfit with fur-trimmed cape and pants.

Liza Minelli dressed in black 2014 SAG Awards

Also in black outfits were Margot Martingale and Jessica Walter – I’m starting to believe that although the dresses were beautiful, the ladies wearing pants on the Red Carpet are equally glamorous – some, like Margot and Jessica can definitely pick up a best-dressed award anytime!

2014 SAG Awards black outfits Jessica Walter Margo Martingale

Sweeping black dresses

Talking about best-dressed: have you seen Jennifer Garner? She was stunning! Wearing a train gown from Max Mara, her hair glamorously pulled back, Jennifer Garner was as modest as she was resplendissant!

Jennifer Garner Max Mara black dress 2014 SAG Awards

Can you believe how many ladies were dressed in black tonight? Pauley Perette, Abigail Breslin, Alex Hudgens join the black dresses train – how lovely and simple is Pauley’s velvet dress? And Abigail? When she got so big? (images getty, style)

2014 SAG Awards black dresses Pauley Perette Abigail Breslin Alex Hudgens


#1 Ellington on 01.19.14 at 8:02 am

Love Rita Moreno! And I loved her gown choice! She looked lovely!
She is a trailblazer being one of the first and few actors to win an Oscar, a Grammy, an Emmy and a Tony. I love that Morgan Freeman was her date, I grew up loving them on The Electric Company!
Thanks Kpriss for showcasing some of the mature ladies, fashion is not just for the young!

#2 Appollonia on 01.19.14 at 12:26 pm

Rita Moreno is a icon, a legend! Who can ever forget her Anita in West Side Story? I LOVE her! :)
Meryl Streep looks great, one of her best looks in my opinion. As for Emma Thompson she can’t do no wrong. Not here, I adore her. She looks great with her flat sandals. Why be “a little mermaid” when it’s not really necessary? ;)
Sorry to say but Mariah Carey doesn’t look good in that dress. Where is Carice van Houten? Would have been great to see her here for once. Carice is a great dresser also on a daily basis.

Mature women deserve this showcase. After all lots of older women are the pioneers for so many looks today. They’re only older, not old and not dead ;)

“You should always trust a senior wizard!” {Stylefrizz on Facebook ;) :D }

So thank you Ellington for asking and Kpriss for posting this. Keep up the good work. :) ~XXX~

#3 kpriss on 01.19.14 at 12:57 pm

awwww! Thank you ladies! This means so much to me! So, so much! <3

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