2016 Oscars Red Carpet Dresses: Candied Elegance

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As is the case with the awards, the Oscars Red Carpet is turning into a politically correct fashion moment. Preferably long dresses, strapless corseted floor sweeping gowns in safe colors and cuts.

I know you’ve probably seen the Red Carpet and you must already have shaped an idea about the style of the 2016 Oscars Red Carpet Dresses, however, I love discussing these things with you ^_^ and especially confessing my own views. Last night, all the ladies looked like giant wrapped candy. Few notable exceptions, of course, but other than that, giant wrapped candy!

2016 Oscars Red Carpet dresses

I’ll start off with the exceptions because they’re just a handful! Almost always the same ladies make my heart flutter with fashion emotion. Cate Blanchett, of course – she was an absolute vision in her blue Armani dress. Is she even real? The level of perfection she demonstrates with each and every Red Carpet is stunning!

2016 Oscars Red Carpet dresses Cate Blanchett Julianne Moore

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Julianne Moore (in Chanel) and Jennifer Lawrence (in Dior HC). I would’ve only picked Julianne, however, something was different in Jennifer Lawrence’s appearance – and for the better – so I didn’t want it to let it go unnoticed! Usually her Dior dresses don’t make a lasting impression on me – except if she falls on some stairs or bombs every Red Carpet photo possible…

2016 Oscars Red Carpet dresses Jennifer Lawrence Amy Poehler

Have you seen what Amy Poehler was wearing? Oh, it was so beautiful! An embroidered vision – and how her reddish hair complimented the look, I loved it! So happy she went for that Andrew GN ensemble! Oscar winner Brie Larson was gorgeously blue in Gucci. A cascade of ruffles fell down her gown’s skirt, a perfectly balanced dress, little accessories save for her ecstatic smile. Oh, and talking about less is more – how amazing is Charlotte Rampling in her simple Armani Prive dress? I loved her look!

2016 Oscars Red Carpet dresses Brie Larson Charlotte Rampling

Kerry Washington and Charlize Theron, again two of my Red Carpet darlings didn’t disappoint at the 2016 Oscars either. Charlize’s black is almost always red (as always she’s glowing in Dior, although I suspect her $3,7 Million Harry Winston diamonds to be the culprit for that); as for Kerry – she (and her stylist, biensur) manages to choose such unusual, yet perfect garments! Right at the threshold between edgy and classy, daring and provocateur! Something the Red Carpet is in a terrible lack of. I never thought I’d say this about an Atelier Versace creation, but I’m really thankful Kerry wore it – she somehow twists a Versace frock into something elegant and daring!

2016 Oscars Red Carpet dresses Charlize Theron Kerry Washington

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A brief moment to mention Rachel McAdams (in green August Getty Atelier) and Emily Blunt – beautiful yet not quite my favorite ladies on last night’s Red Carpet! I admire Emily for her consistent choices – Prada (and Miu Miu) always make her heart melt. Arguably her best looks, however.

2016 Oscars Red Carpet dresses Rachel McAdams Emily Blunt

Alicia Vikander was one of my greatest disappointments at this year’s Oscars. A pretty dress, yet something’s missing there… Like the gown was unfinished or Alicia’s look was unrefined. She’s a beautiful young woman, a wonderfully talented actress, everyone seems to love her, yet I think Victoria Sekrier could do so much better with Alicia – except if we’re missing something here and Alicia has a lucrative deal with Louis Vuitton – that would definitely explain her LV gowns! The same ‘unfinished’ feeling I got from Jennifer Jason Leigh’s Marchesa – could we, please, get a coach for her, training her ‘Red Carpet eyes’? I’ve never seen such pain before! something from the Hateful 8 must have a hold on her still!

2016 Oscars Red Carpet dresses Alicia Vikander Jennifer Jason Leigh

Is it just me, or Margot Robbie always tries to hard? I actually love that girl – haven’t seen a movie with her I didn’t think she was brilliant in! But my gosh, does she end up looking like poor man’s Sharon Stone! I bet you the’ll try to re-edit Basic Instinct with Margot in it! You’ll see! I just hope she’ll refine with age, so far not even Tom Ford’s dress doesn’t help in taking out the cheap in her. Oh! And Rooney Mara (in Givenchy) – just… no. This Asian doll thing is getting too old to play it over and over again. Eventually the style ruse is breaking into a million pieces, all boring, all oddly similar. If she would’ve showed up wearing her ‘Pan’ outfit, it would’ve been worlds better! ^_^

2016 Oscars Red Carpet dresses Margot Robbie Rooney Mara

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If you’re looking for a perfect example to illustrate the ‘wrapped candy’ style, don’t look further than Kate Winslet! Wearing a Ralph Lauren dress, Kate was smiling ear to ear, shining more than she would’ve wanted to. Just like a wrapped candy! A look Reese Witherspoon also emulated with great success! I was very surprised to hear she was wearing Oscar de la Renta, it’s so ill-fitting on her!

2016 Oscars Red Carpet dresses Kate Winslet Reese Witherspoon

Short column – intermezzo – Naomi Watts in Armani, Olivia Munn in Stella McCartney and Saoirse Ronan in Calvin Klein Collection – all three ladies were gorgeous and elegant. I purposely saved them as a breathe a fresh air among all the wrapped candy who failed to make a positive impression o my retina.

2016 Oscars Red carpet dresses Naomi Watts Olivia Munn Saoirse Ronan

Somewhere along the candy lines came Tina Fey (in Versace – how is that Tina Fey’s style?) and Sofia Vergara who was one of the Marchesa girls. All wrapped up, dolled up, with no particular style to show off… I was deeply saddened to see that even Heidi Klum went for a flimsy Marchesa number which made her look like a giant gift with loads of bows and ribbons. Talking about bows and ribbons – have you seen Mindy Kaling’s Elizabeth Kennedy dress? Oh, my! that’s all I’m gonna say about it! really!

2016 Oscars Red carpet dresses Tina Fey Sofia Vergara

2016 Oscars Red carpet dresses Heidi Klum Mindy Kaling

Wrapping up (pun intended) with Patricia Arquette who always seems to be immensely dissatisfied with her dresses (truth being told, I would also be displeased if I’d had to wear such a gown that keeps sticking and stretching in all but the right places), just like lovely Jennifer Garner who keeps choosing the wrong styles for her too-sweet figure (is it just me who thinks her hairdo and her dress style totally clash?)!

2016 Oscars Red Carpet dresses Patricia Arquette Jennifer Garner

I couldn’t decide what to do about beautiful Lily Cole who looked like a giant foiled candy and Lady Gaga who … honestly? the icing on the cake! illfitting and Marilyn-esque… So I left them behind for you to tell me where you think they belong… Oh! and … Roger Federer was there too (all decked in Louis Vuitton – must be a post-surgery trick for better recovery? – he undergone a surgical knee intervention on the 3rd of February) ^_^ (images gettydotcom)

2016 Oscars Red Carpet dresses Lady Gaga Lily Cole

2016 Oscars Red Carpet Roger Federer


#1 Theodora on 03.02.16 at 1:01 pm

My favourite was Charlize.
This year I didn’t like as much as I had expected to love Cate Blanchet”s outing. Yes, she still is the queen of red carpets but her dress resembled too much ( the shoulder flowers) a Marchesa concotion , which “designs” I can not stand. Cate did look beautiful, no doubt , but that association (obviously only present to my untrained eye) kept me of truly loving her outing.
I hadn’t seen Charlote’s dress before. She looked stunning !! I love that dress, it is very 70ies First Lady , isn’t it ? I love a sleek, slender silhouette.
Juliane Moore was fantastic, I love her look. Gaga was also nice, I love a girl wearing trousers on the red carpet and her look was dramatic enough for the occasion.

#2 Cate on 03.02.16 at 11:37 pm


#3 kpriss on 03.03.16 at 1:05 am

Now that you mentioned Marchesa, I can’t get that out of my head ^_^
Yes, very demure and yet striking on Charlotte – I have yet to see the movie but I’m sure she was majestic in it, as always!
The thing I didn’t like about Gaga (her performance aside, if it wasn’t for the cause, her music was nothing but screaming with a piano in the background. Sorry, but… On the other hand, I’m sure there’s not a lot of embellishments you can put around such a cause and make it sound pretty.) – so what I disliked was the fit of the strapless corset/top she was wearing… Anything but flattering or nice looking.

#4 kpriss on 03.03.16 at 1:06 am

oh, and then some! Too politically correct. Then again, if not politically correct, everyone would just flip out, so I guess we have the Oscars we deserve ^_^

#5 keiko on 03.03.16 at 6:31 am

Naomi Watts & Charlize where my favs – both stunning – but I luv diamonds.
So right – the PC brigade are killing creative expression! Are we allowed to say such a thing – I wonder?!

#6 Theodora on 03.03.16 at 8:05 am

@ keiko: Pssst! Be aware, or the wrath of the PC mob may come over your head. We better whisper and tiptoe…

#7 Ayers Jacob on 07.19.16 at 4:09 am

Tina Fey’s style blue color is perfect, love the nick design..it is really attractive and got a lot of compliments. The dress is also very comfortable.

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