Kim Kardashian 3 Fashion Disasters In A Week!

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As if we needed more proof of Kanye West’s fashion views! Kim Kardashian is under the supreme style counsel of Kanye and she’s chaining fashion disaster after fashion disaster! Remember when she was a walking catwalk? I never thought I’d say that, but: I miss those days!

Now Kimmy is friends with haute designers (she even called Riccardo Tisci ‘Ricky’ in a discrete thank you note via Twitter) and a new mother, attending Fashion Week but a walking fashion disaster while doing so! At first, I thought it was just the Parisian air that didn’t go well with her lungs as two of her fashion wreck outfits happened during PFW, last week (the grey leggings & Minnetonka boots while at the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris and the black dress while attending the Mademoiselle C Cocktail party, also in Paris) but just the other day she had lunch with her sister on US soil and she still didn’t hit the right fashion notes!

Kim Kardashian fashion disaster in a week

Sure, wearing leggings for a 12 hours flight isn’t all that strange. But the oversized camel coat just ruins everything! I fail to understand why some people are keen on putting trends higher than simple fashion common sense.

While attending the special launch of Carine Roitfeld’s movie, Mademoiselle C, Kim Kardashian chose an equally horrifying outfit and makeup, thinking, perhaps, that movie screenings happen in the dark anyway… But you know what, Kimmy? We did saw you. And while some may stand up in favor of ‘flaunt it while you have it’, I’m still one of those who militate for common sense more than flamboyant trends. Should she have merely suggested that cleavage under a sheer décolleté it would’ve been so much better!

Kim Kardashian post baby cleavage

But no. Subtleties are not Kimmy’s strong point and neither is haute fashion. They all clash in an impossible to digest show of bad styling, bad taste, bad makeup, bad everything.

Just like her all-grey outfit she wore in California just the other day: girl, don’t you know that your constitution needs contrasting elements in an outfit? While I do genuinely appreciate keeping your cleavage under control this time, I think you should forget about those skinny pants and that puffy sweater: the minute you take them off, throw them away and never wear them (together) again! Sensitive fashion individuals will thank you forever more!

Kim Kardashian new blond hair post baby body

And although some will tell you the contrary, a destroy dying job like your hair is showing right now, is never pretty! (images courtesy justjared)

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