It’s NYE! Justin Bieber Gets New Tattoo!

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Isn’t this wonderful news? Justin Bieber just added another tattoo to what appears to be his ever growing ink collection! Of course he shared the wonderful news with all of us! All of us who care.. About him. About ink…

Some share their baby news, Justin Bieber shares his ink news, to each his own. Now: what’s his latest tattoo about? Religion! Yes! Because it’s the Season, right? So to mark that down (or for whatever other reason), Justin Bieber’s left leg – which also featured a tattoo of Jesus’ face – now has a permanent pair of praying hands rising from a bouquet of roses he already had around his ankle. (don’t stop here! There’s more after the jump!)

praying hands Justin Bieber s new tattoo

Justin Bieber has new tattoo

Justin Bieber s religious tattoo18 year – old and already covered in bad taste ink.

And I’m not just referring to what he’s inking on his body – to each his own, like I said! He may have had butterflies or stars – but they all look homemade.

There’s this dubiously low quality to Bieber’s tattoos I don’t quite understand.

He obviously has the means (he’s one of world’s highest earning entertainers, like it or not) – he certainly has the time – why doesn’t he choose a high end tattoo artist to ink all that mysticism on his skin?

(today, however, Justin Bieber decided it was time for … just that it was time – so he shared a sleepy car – instant with a glowy wristwatch in focus. Where’s the catch?)

Justin Bieber s watch

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