Justin Bieber Gets Intimate With iPhone, Advertises For Adidas

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A Justin Bieber story that has nothing to do with another one of his tasteless tattoos? Yes, it can happen! Especially since I woke up today to a story about Justin Bieber’s stage antics and then I found another story showing his brilliant advertising for Adidas. Justin Bieber likes to keep the spotlight concentrated on his little persona because – beliebers will tell you so – he’s such a huge entertainer! {yawn!}

First things first: during a concert, the young (he’s 19, by the way!) Bieber asked his audience to refrain from throwing things on stage. His audience complied. Somewhat. Various items started flying in his direction and, while he refused them politely by kicking them away from the stage with the same saying ‘I don’t need this… ‘, he did picked up a phone saying that he doesn’t need ‘another iphone’ and slipped it in his pants. (yep, you’re reading that right, hit the jump to find out what happened next!)

news about Justin Bieber

Clearly amused, he then removed the phone from his pants and kicked it in the audience. Which was, as you might expect, in sheer delirium. He’s such a heartthrob, Bieber! And those barely-hanging pants? I thought that was sooooo last decade! Not even last season! Anyway. Justin Bieber continues to rule over your tweens an teens my dahlings, and here’s an ad campaign to prove that. His irresistibility. James Dean was nothing compared to the ultimate appeal that is Justin Bieber! Take note:

Justin Bieber Adidas Ad campaign fall 2013

Frown and look helpless: teens love that!

Justin Bieber advertising Adidas Neo fall 2013

Look busy and preoccupied: teens dig that!

Justin Bieber ad campaign Adidas Neo

Just lie there and pretend you’re doing stuff: teens do that!

Adidas Neo Justin Bieber 2013

Adidas Neo is the name of the collection, a new line of apparel, accessories and footwear dedicated to the younger audience (that translates with ‘beliebers’ in Adidas execs heads!) and, beliebe it or not, this is Justin’s second advertising season with the label! A real class act, huh? Mkay, moving on to more pressing matters of fashion and style!

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