Mikimoto Japan’s Eternal Love Magical Window

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You know that my sudden interest for windows displays comes from that sick, morally faible Alexander McQueen window from Selfridges? Ever since that day, I started paying more attention to windows design and what comes with this slippery territory.

It’s a bit like books covers, right? Or magazines covers… It should speak right to your heart, get you in. Take a look at this Mikimoto Eternal Love window display and let your feelings flow with it! I thought it was brilliant, ethereal, perfect! And see those rings popping out of the roses? If I was a rings girl (which I’m not, but we’ll get back to that in the future) – I would have taken out all my rings and carefully place them on roses. They look so natural. And beautiful. And princess-ish…(there’s a problem, though – this Mikimoto Japan window looks so great, I couldn’t leave it and get into the actual store. Could you?) (a29 via jd)

mikimoto Japan window

Mikimoto window

Mikimoto Japan jewelry window

Mikimoto Japan Eternal Love window

Mikimoto Japan Jewelry boutique window


#1 Adriana on 08.08.10 at 7:52 am

You said it all…*swoons*…on a Sunday afternoon.

#2 Ellington on 08.08.10 at 5:02 pm

This window is truly whimsical and lovely to gaze at and lose one self in.
I also like the Tiffany windows that are done at the Toronto store.
They are really lovely too! : )

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