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Dare To Wear Iryna Limanska’s Clay Flowers Jewelry?
As Fall is setting in, the beautiful flimsy flower crowns get to rest waiting for next Spring. That gives us plenty of time to restock... Read More

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Dare To Wear Handmade Porcelain Jewelry From Goutte De Terre?
Today we’ll talk about the beauty of porcelain. And not the kind we love sipping tea from but the kind we could actually wear. Adorning... Read More

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Dare To Wear Petitplat Whimsical Food Jewelry By Stephanie Kilgast?
Here comes yet another episode of our beloved Dare to Wear series which focuses on the unusual, whimsical and the fun side of accessories, mainly... Read More

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8 Cool And Chic Ways To Wear Bows
I was writing that green-accented outfits piece earlier and this happy feeling stuck with me. I decided to give it yet another chance to express... Read More

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Dare To Wear Modern Contemporary Jewelry Tap By Todd Pownell?
In the ever-growing industrialization and uniformization of our society, some people can still bring a breath of fresh air. A pinch of originality in a... Read More

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The New Nail Art Trend: Chanel Toe Rings As Nails Rings
While reviewing the Haute Couture shows from the Fall 2013 season, I noticed something new proposed on the Chanel runway. Something rather intriguing as we’re... Read More

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Have You Seen Lily Cole’s Rubber Jewelry Collection?
Lily Cole is one of my favorite models ever. Her unique features and adorable gingerness have not yet been upstaged by any other model. Plus... Read More

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Dare To Wear The Utility Ring?
Come summer, the season of picnics and great outdoors explorations is open and to our delight, we get to do a lot of that with... Read More

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