Kanye West’s Golden Necklace

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Kanye West the great visits the King Tut exhibition in New York. For the occasion, he got his black slim suit on, he’s looking great! More so since he has his best jewelry on!

It hardly matters where do I look at that golden necklace from, it still looks larger than life! And that pyramid knuckle ring on his right hand fingers. King Tut? Kanye’s feelin’ your fashion! Isn’t he golden? (via)

Kanye West Golden Necklace


#1 mdinah on 07.08.10 at 5:07 pm

No racism here, but why these bling people always have to be so exagerated?
this is plain ugly..before he spends time in jewellery he should take some classes in etiquete .
I am tired of this people so obsessed with themselves, attention seekers..

#2 Adriana on 07.09.10 at 5:52 am

I thought the bling trend was over?
mdinah, (almost) everyone whether it’s music, movie or fashion involved is self-obsessed. In comparison to others Kanye is exaggerated over the top.

#3 Nat on 07.09.10 at 8:56 pm


#4 Ellington on 07.12.10 at 5:29 pm

This is an obscene insult to a fascinating and intriguing ancient African culture.

#5 cc on 07.13.10 at 7:13 pm

What’s obscene about it?

#6 Adriana on 07.14.10 at 8:24 am

What’s not obscene about it that’s my question?

#7 cc on 07.17.10 at 1:18 am

It’s just an incredibly harsh word to use. It indicates that what he’s doing is morally repulsive. He’d probably have to take down his trousers to do that! He isn’t mocking the Egyptian culture just because he’s wearing an enormous Egyptian-style necklace.

#8 Kelleigh on 07.17.10 at 9:45 am

In my culture we would call this guy a ‘total tool’! No class Kanye.

#9 dymonique on 10.23.11 at 6:31 am

wtf,wat does he have on.

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