Lily Allen’s Elle UK August 2010

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Lily Allen seems to be a best seller for Elle UK. So they brought her along for the August 2010 issue. Just to sell. That and to promote her stylist self.

Yep, you read that right, Lily Allen is a stylist now. She even has her own clothing shop: Lucy in Disguise, in collaboration with her sister. Because Lily, you see, she loves clothes and she loves consuming clothes. And she knows it’s bad, so she decided to share her consuming habit with the world. Her coming out is in fact a vintage-like shop (didn’t Chanel do the same with her mother?) where people can stop and make their refill on luxurious thrifts. (don’t miss the video right after the jump!)

Lily Allen Elle UK August 2010 cover

Either way, you gotta love Lily! She knows how to have fun: (fragment from her Elle interview – you can read more here) (via)

It was at a big party in Coco’s apartments in Paris. I was drunk and got lost in the building. I wandered into an attic room and Karl was there. I got really embarrassed and apologised, but he said, “No, come in.” We had a chat – although I can’t remember what about, I was so drunk. I do remember asking him about some shoes he’d designed that had a green ring in the heel [from the Chanel a/w 2009 collection]. I asked how they worked. He drew a diagram explaining the physics of making the shoe. I’ve still got the drawing. A week later I was asked to do the campaign.

Lily Allen Elle UK August 2010

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