The Empress Eugénie Brooch Bought By Le Louvre

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Luxury is often a privilege lacked of good taste. However, talking about a collector piece from 1853 one can hardly allow itself to splash it with such qualifications.

I indulge myself in calling this a bad taste piece of jewelry, with no other value than its time given one (of course, completely ignoring the gemstones worth). It’s a wedding diamond piece made from François Kramer for Napoleon III’s 1853 bride Empress Eugénie.

The Empress Eugenie Brooch

For such an exquisite piece of curtain-decoration-brooch, of course one would expect to pay a heavy price. The vendor’s estimations were in between $4 million and $6 million.

The buyer – Le Louvre itself who brought back home this precious piece from the French crown jewels – did not disclosed the acquisition price so we’re free to imagine whatever we want.

I wonder, just like that, if Le Louvre is allowed to pay $6 million for a single piece of antique crown jewelry, what is the French budget vision for the French First Lady? She’s got to be a precious one too…

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