The Repossi Czarina Ring as Seen on Hilary Duff

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Even if I thought I had my full of gossip-style-police, I’ve got to make another exception today. And simply because it’s related to another article I wrote last year (uh, that has a nice ring to it!) – about Hilary Duff and her Louis Vuitton obsession.

Well in those pictures, you could have seen a pretty interesting ring on Hilary’s index. I’ve seen it too, imagine! And didn’t say a word about it because I was all into handbags at the time. Now I’ll say something about that amazing ring!

Hilary Duff Repossi
Repossi Czarina Ring
It’s called the Czarina Ring(see the update below) and it’s part of the collection Czarina signed Ere by Repossi (which is no longer part of the Repossi portfolio – see update below). It has 15 diamonds and it’s made of yellow gold. Purely gorgeous!

Now let me tell you a little something about Repossi’s past Czarina Collection (I told you that I love stories, didn’t I?). It went by the name Ere by Repossi and meant to

evoke the Byzantine jewellery of Vladiko, the Russian orthodox bishop, and of the Episcopate, archbishop and patriarch in Greek, hereby evoking the origins of Eugenie Niarchos, who likes to wear a Tsjotki, a rosary, as well as the crosses of the orthodox iconography with baroque interlaces.

The collection is not religious in any kind. Made from black, white, yellow, pink gold with diamonds tries to recall the luxurious byzantine way of Tsars.
Dare to wear!

Thanks to our reader merce, I’m making an important update to let you know that I was mislead in my obsession into believing that the ring sported on Hilary Duff was a Repossi. In fact, it’s a Loree Rodkin creation and hereby you have the pictures to prove it.
(you have to admit the extreme resemblance either way ;) )

Recently, a representative for Repossi has contacted me to kindly let me know that the Czarina collection was no longer part of the Repossi product portfolio. However, the new collections, signed by Repossi are just as extravagant, glamorous and stylish.

Loree Rodkin on Hilary Duff


#1 merce on 02.15.08 at 12:51 pm

sorry, but i think you are wrong. the ring isnt a repossi.
you see the hilary duff photo here.

the ring is a loree rodkin.
you can see it here.

#2 kpriss on 02.15.08 at 3:19 pm

Thank you merce! I just updated the article with the info you gave me.

#3 hamna on 11.14.08 at 8:37 am


#4 luly on 12.16.08 at 1:54 pm

plz plzzzzzzzzz i want to know here can i find hilary duffs ring that she wore in het maxum magazin shot n the pic she talks about het virgenty
plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz am dieng to have it plzzz

#5 bekah on 01.12.09 at 4:44 pm

is there any place i could find a ring that looks like that but is wayyyyy cheaper??? lol

i really want one.
its gorgeous :))))
please help me out anyone!!!!

#6 Mandi on 02.15.09 at 3:48 pm

I love rings and that one is gorgeous, but i dont like gold that much. I would wear it though. Too bad i dont have 14,000 extra dollars lying around…

#7 tupi on 07.12.09 at 11:44 am

como mierda podes tener un anillo asi yo no tengoni para comer jajaa

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