Top 4 Hair Trends for 2008

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For 2008 Pantene announced four trends: Taking Part, It’s A Slick Up, Pin-Up Girl, Making Waves. Let’s take them one at the time and see what they want us to do with our hair to meet up the trends for 2008.

Part Side Ponytail
Taking Part is basically an easy way to style your hair in a bad hair day. It’s a clean part sided low ponytail. How it’s done?

1. Wash your hair like usually. Let it dry or blow it dry.
2. Use a straightening iron to make your locks soft lustrous and silky.
3. Create a deep side parting with a tail comb.
4. Keep a long fringe over an eye and the rest just comb it into a low rise sided pony tail. Shake the ponytail with your fingers to make a frizzy finish.
5. Use a little serum for the glossy finish and there you are, Taken Part.

High Ponytail
It’s a Slick Up is another ponytail, only this time with all your hair. It’s Kate Moss-inspired look, all retro and slick. How it’s done?

1. Wash your hair like usually. Let it dry or blow it dry.
2. Use a straightening iron to make your locks soft lustrous and silky.
(sounds any familiar? ;) )
3. Use a comb and set the hair in few sections (6-8) and then roll them on large rollers for few minutes (let’s say 10).
4. Use a comb to make your ponytail but don’t make it too high or too low. It should be at the same level line as your front forehead roots. Put a little anti frizz serum in your palm then use both hands to put is into the hair (the ponytail), now you’re all Slicked Up.

Pin Up Undo
Pin Up Girl it’s …mm, let’s say it’s a ‘do’ even if it looks like a perfect ‘undo’. It looks romantic but messy. How it’s done?

1. Wash your hair like usually. Let it dry if you have wavy hair or blow it dry but not completely and add large rollers.
2. Comb it lightly into a loose chignon (using few pins)
3. Flip your head left-right to let it fall freely and then use some hairspray to add a little hold and now you’re perfectly Pin Up Girl.

Making Waves versace
Making Waves it’s a sexy bed head hair yet very styled to compose. It’s Sienna Miller-inspired, all effortless-looking (but hard to obtain). How it’s done?

1. Wash your hair like usually. Blow it dry with your head upside down after you’ve massed a handful of mousse into it.
2. Part your hair into few sections and take the upper layers and wrap them around the curling iron.
3. When done, undo your curls with your fingers and flip hour year left-right to add that out of the bed touch. Add a little anti frizz serum onto the ends to add more weight to your hair and it’s all done and ready for Making Waves.

If I was to set up a general trend for 2008 hair styling, then I would say (sadly) don’t get rid of your straightening irons, it’s still hot. Straight hair get’s you out of the trouble with a fringe mysteriously pulled over an eye, heavy bangs curtaining down your eyelashes. As for the undos (I, for one, love’em! My hair’s all frizzy, having a mind of its own and bed heads is my favorite hair trend for 2008) they’ve come a not so long way from the sexy chignon that was up and running the catwalks (and the streets) for almost 3 seasons.

The ponytail was never actually gone from the trends catalog. It’s an easy sporty and feminine style. The straight pony tail vs the frizzy/wavy ponytail it’s a matter of tastes. I for one don’t appreciate a straightening iron that much to apply it religiously on my hair almost every day (with all that moisture going on in the air, don’t tell me you straighten it up once a week and last it 7 days long!). I honestly hoped waves to hit bit. Instead I looked at a straight catwalk. I guess it’s up to us to make them understand that we’ve had enough of them irons!

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