35 + Fabulous Feminine Watercolors Tattoos Ideas

Not long ago, we mentioned a handful of tattoos everyone should try by the end of summer. And ‘try’ is a good word since they were temporary tattoos in the form of decals. A pretty smart options for those who don’t feel committed to a lifetime skin mark.

Now we get serious with fabulous feminine tattoos – a far cry from the usual black-to-blue monocolored skin-deep symbols or drawings we’re used to commonly refer to as ‘permanent ink’. Do you remember playing with watercolors when you were kids? Well, this is the grown-up version of the watercolors game!

fabulous feminine watercolors tattoos inspiration

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Identified Fashion Items: The Maze Runner Boots

You’ve been searching high and low for good fall shoes for your young, active ones? The Maze Runner, the first chapter from a series of books adapted into movies can be the very answer to your torments. Young characters, simple wardrobe, role models perfect for a ready to follow audience!

The movie’s costumes department worked under Christine Bieselin Clark and Simonetta Mariano who were previous engaged in projects such as 300 or Riddick to name just a few. Clearly used with the action genre, the costume and wardrobe team put together a special set of clothing for the young actors that would be best described as ‘uniforms’, finished with Palladium boots (tongue-in-cheek as the name ‘Palladium’ itself represents a protective symbol).

Maze Runner movie fashion

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Gemma Ward Catwalk Comeback: Opening Prada Spring 2015

The moment we’ve all been waiting for: Gemma Ward is back on the catwalk! This is the most spectacular, significant news from this season’s Fashion Weeks (which are now to their third installment, Milan, after New York and London).

Speculations have been heard and written, about the Australian model’s comeback, but when her daughter (Naia) was born, everyone suspected Gemma would definitely keep the runway far and the nappies close. We couldn’t be more wrong as September 18 2014 is a day that will go down in Fashion History as the day Gemma Ward came back in fashion!

Gemma Ward catwalk return Prada SS2015

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Fabulous Fall Fashion Collaboration

Getting into the restless fashion mood as we’re halfway through the Fashion Week season (London is now underway), let’s see what surprising fashion collaboration will tempt you this fall!

Jean Paul Gaultier cooked a special collection for the giant Swedish retailer Lindex. Since he plans to retire from the prêt-a-porter, snatching a piece from his new Lindex offering could just be one of the last but fab occasions to own an affordable design as imagined by the French couturier. His clothes are fun, joyful and hold a valuable timeless quality as you’ll see for yourself scrolling past his collection below.

fabulous fall fashion collaborations

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Multitasker Karl Lagerfeld Vs Superheroes Kids: The Business Of Fashion Vs The Business Of Good

For over 60 years, Karl Lagerfeld has built an impressive career in fashion and continues to influence modern day trends with the same thirst for new and the same impressive stamina.

From behind shaded eyes, der Kaiser, as he’s affectionately called by the fashion population, seems to have a mythical clairvoyance on all things fashion and style, leading the Chanel maison, Fendi, his own label and numerous side projects. He’s fashion’s Steve Jobs: always dressed the same, always brilliant at what he does in a ruthlessly ever-changing industry.

Karl Lagerfeld multihand cover BoF vs children with prosthetics

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Fashion Week: Icons And Trends With Lauren Hutton

Fashion Week is in full swing these days and world’s most appreciated designers, models, trend followers, bloggers and wannabes anything are there. Are you?

Lauren Hutton isn’t. The 70year-old model and actress attended a glamorous celebration hosted by Carine Roitfeld: Harper’s Bazaar ‘Icons’ party this Friday, September 5th 2014. However, although in New York (the said cocktail gala took place at the Plaza Hotel in NY), Lauren keeps away from the Fashion Week tents & fancy crowds. The answer, as coming from the model herself:

memorable quote Lauren Hutton about fashion week

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Fabulous Fall Footwear: F-Troupe Slip Ons!

Fall is here (check your calendars, it’s Fashion Week already!), are you properly equipped to illustrate the latest fashion trends? Toes to tips, let’s start with the useful finds!

Slip-on sneakers are this season’s must-have! They’re the new wedge sneakers and far more versatile and stylish than those hybrids from a couple of seasons back – remember, even their creator, Isabel Marant, stopped wearing them, it’s time you set them aside as well! Go for the slip-ons! Everybody did, catch up before you miss out!

celebrities favorite footwear slip on sneakers

(L to R) from Pharrell and Brad Pitt to Jessica Alba and Ashley Olsen, Diane Kruger or Joan Smalls, everyone slips on the new fashionable sneakers

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2 Exceptional Fashion Magazines You Need To Have This Fall!

Exploring fashion’s still off-beat paths could be the answer old-schoolers and creatives are looking for in an industrialized style era where every detail is handled by professionals.

Fall is about to start, let’s offer ourselves the chance of a new beginning, the opportunity to pick the ripe fashion fruits of those who are truly inspired, beyond the mainstream flow: The Gentlewoman and Another. Two electric cover girls, each in her own way conquered the world: Robyn, the Gentlewoman, with her electric music, Kate Moss, AnOther model, with her electric unique style.

Fall Fashion Magazines you need

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