Fabulous Fall Footwear: F-Troupe Slip Ons!

Fall is here (check your calendars, it’s Fashion Week already!), are you properly equipped to illustrate the latest fashion trends? Toes to tips, let’s start with the useful finds!

Slip-on sneakers are this season’s must-have! They’re the new wedge sneakers and far more versatile and stylish than those hybrids from a couple of seasons back – remember, even their creator, Isabel Marant, stopped wearing them, it’s time you set them aside as well! Go for the slip-ons! Everybody did, catch up before you miss out!

celebrities favorite footwear slip on sneakers

(L to R) from Pharrell and Brad Pitt to Jessica Alba and Ashley Olsen, Diane Kruger or Joan Smalls, everyone slips on the new fashionable sneakers

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2 Exceptional Fashion Magazines You Need To Have This Fall!

Exploring fashion’s still off-beat paths could be the answer old-schoolers and creatives are looking for in an industrialized style era where every detail is handled by professionals.

Fall is about to start, let’s offer ourselves the chance of a new beginning, the opportunity to pick the ripe fashion fruits of those who are truly inspired, beyond the mainstream flow: The Gentlewoman and Another. Two electric cover girls, each in her own way conquered the world: Robyn, the Gentlewoman, with her electric music, Kate Moss, AnOther model, with her electric unique style.

Fall Fashion Magazines you need

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Angelina Jolie’s White Wedding Dress: 3 Cool Inspirational Ideas For Every Bride!

The most important wedding from the Royal Wedding onward, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s secret wedding ceremony took place a week ago. Famously private about their personal life, the couple celebrated the special day with just 22 guests.
Too few details emerged to satisfy our Brangelina thirst, however, People magazine just published photos of what will most certainly be one of the world’s most famous and copied wedding dresses: Angelina Jolie, the bride, was wearing an Atelier Versace white wedding dress!

The antique lace and silk white simple dress was designed by Luigi Massi of Atelier Versace, a close friend of the family (Jolie said) and completed with artwork hand drawn by the couple’s six children and sewn onto the gown and veil. The wedding took place in the family’s French castle Château Miraval, in the French Provence, the village of Correns.

Angelina Jolie wedding dress

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Every Woman Needs To Try The New It Jewelry Before Summer’s Out!

First of all – they’re temporary tattoos and second: everyone is crazy about wearing these, from the Vogue HQ to free-spirited fashionistas, so the least you could do is try them out once, before the summer is out!

All that tanned skin and all that press-on golden glow to make the best of your last weeks of hot weather! Your imagination is the limit as they come in many shapes and they’re really affordable too! Time-travelling from ancient Hindu traditions to the Haute Catwalks of the fashion world, temporary tattoos have our hearts and our style vote of confidence!

fashion new it tattoos

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Everything You Need To Remember About 2014 MTV VMAs and 2014 Emmy Awards Red Carpet!

Sifting through hundred of thousands Red Carpet pictures can be a real challenge. This is the complete, subjective, concentrate glass of social entertainment from the 2014 MTV VMAs and 2014 Emmys: know all that is worthy of remembering and mentioning!

A lot has happened in the past couple of days on the Red Carpet! While everyone tries their best at commenting (praising) everyone and everything, in just under 48 hours since the event closed its doors, you’d be surprised at what people really do remember! In short, scroll down to read the real buzz!

all there is to know about MTV VMAs Emmys Red Carpet 2014

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Patti Smith, Big Fashion Dreamer On A Budget

What are your style aspirations? If you’re dreaming of effortless looks, authentic and personal approach to fashion, you’d better get your references right and your role models straight!

There are people who make history and people who observe and report it. Lisa Robinson is one who saw a lot and wrote a lot about music giants. About rock solid entertainers who still deliver quality music from the 60s to present days! About enduring style and fashion so timeless that it can be recognized, admired and followed even after 50 years!

Patti Smith fashionista

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Beauty Hacks Challenge: Only 2 Beauty Products To Replace All Others!

As surreal as it may sound, reading these lines might just convince you that you don’t actually need all those body lotions, fancy shampoos and conditioners after all and your insecurities with regards of using them may leave place to a shy flickering light of freedom!

They say that smart people learn from other’s experience. I didn’t. I had to go through the harsh way of experimenting on my own and finding out that less is definitely more in more ways than I could’ve imagined! This is my beauty confession story and it starts 10 years ago…

natural beauty routine challenge

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Daphne Guinness Evening In Space Video Will Blow Your Mind!

Being a world-renowned fashion muse with an estimated worth of $100Millions, with friends in all the high and right places doesn’t save you from being ridiculous: in other words, Daphne Guinness pulled a Paris Hilton on us!

The 46-year old heiress to the eponymous beer empire is now a complete artist with an upcoming album soon under her belt. Scheduled to launch this September 2014, Daphne’s album has the support of her artsy friends Nick Knight and David LaChapelle with whom she has worked many times before and Tony Visconti (whose collaborations includes David Bowie, among many others – which may be just why this Evening in Space has a distinct Ziggy Stardust feel). Scroll down to see the video!

Daphne Guinness Evening in Space music video

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