Pharrell Is A Happy Designer For Adidas

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You think you know Pharrell just because you know Happy? Read these lines and think again! Pharrell has been producing, writing, composing, singing music and got involved into so many side projects that he’s totally entitled to write lines like ‘My life is so amazing, I don’t know how it got this way’ (Pretty Girls).

Pharrell’s genius doesn’t lie in ‘Happy’. Or in his music alone. While the aforementioned single sold in more than 10 million copies wordlwide, Pharrell continued to sign more projects in his name. Like this Adidas collection: jackets and sneakers with Pharrell Williams’ name on the three-striped label!

pharrell adidas collection

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There’s definitely an audience for that. Since the entire world jumped into the Happy bandwagon, they could definitely embrace the classic Stan Smiths or the classic track jackets that Adidas is proposing in this collection! Only that a pair of these Stan Smiths costs $190 and a track jacket costs $1270 (cue – it’s leather). Everyone still there in the ‘Happy’ choir?

pharrell adidas stan smith sneakers

In 1995, The Washington Post famously broke down the cost of a sneaker. It was a pair of Nike Air (Pegasus) selling for $70. While it costs the brand just $20 to actually produce the shoes, the additional $ for retailers (advertising, distribution, operating profit, rents, personnel) mounted the final consumer price to $70. Again: made with $20, sold with $70. Amazing, right?

originals adidas stan smith vs pharrell stan smith

a pair of Pharrell’s Adidas Stan Smith sneakers costs $190 versus a classic pair of Adidas Stan Smith Originals, looking very much the same and sold for just $75, available here

A pair of regular Stan Smith sneakers costs $75 – Pharrell’s version is $190. A classic track jacket is $70 – Pharrell’s posh leather version costs an extra $1200.

adidas tracksuit original vs pharrell

Pharrell’s Adidas track suit special (leather) edition costs $1,270 while a classic Adidas track suit costs around $70 and is available here

Now back to Pharrell: taking just his estimated worth around $200Millions Pharrell Williams has every right to be Happy! He actually has 200 million reasons to be Happy. So why is he continuing to not only promote but also to simply participate to a project which involves label costs more than production costs? Why doesn’t he set an example by associating himself to a brand’s collection that would not only be affordable, but at least would declare and spend the profits for honorable causes?

pharrell adidas collection jacket blue

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Certainly not the way the world turns, everybody needs to contribute to the economy and Pharrell is more than generously doing so! His partnership with Adidas follows more special collections in Pharrell’s resume: Moncler and Uniqlo to name just a few, even Louis Vuitton in the past.

pharrell adidas jacket black

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Adidas is no stranger to famous collaborations either, having ongoing collections with designers Stella McCartney and Jeremy Scott. If it all goes well with Pharrell’s new line for the three-striped brand, we’ll most certainly see more ‘Happy’ designs from the brilliant entertainer!

pharrell adidas collection jacket red

And so, dear friends, it’s how the abominable trend of pairing haute couture, really exquisite clothing items with sporty clothes and accessory that would only belong in the gym – how could one pay a 4-figure price on a sports jacket and not wear it with a 4-figure silk skirt? Some trends are only born out of snobbery, pick carefully and wear stylishly!


#1 Adriana V on 10.20.14 at 11:47 am

The price of leather jackets is €.1000, the black number was sold out very fast.
I noticed the Adidas Stella McCartney sneakers are for sale for half the price since some weeks. Of course Pharrell is another story, fans will pay.
I will not spend any euro on celeb collaborations, I think the price for anything Adidas is high enough. I have always been an Adidas fan but with collaborations like Rita Ora, Selena Gomez and who is next I begin to feel like fool. Oh well, my Adidas is my home wear my last sneakers are not really popular, never have spot them. Good.

Pharrell’s G-Raw collaboration ‘designs’ are made of denim from recycled ocean plastic. Maybe that’s an honorable cause? Don’t get me started on the one-hour-tv show with this superstar in my country some weeks ago, partly a G-Raw commercial …..just one word because I can’t help myself: cringe worthy!! Okay, two words then. ;)

Then there’s Pharrell’s mini-collection for Moynet. Wooden train gadgets and a bag with the label PW of course. Have you seen that bag? Not really special. If you look around you can find a good weekend travel bag for less. Or if you have the money buy a Moynet without the PW-label.

But it’s still not enough for Pharrell. He ‘created’ in partnership with Comme des Garçons, Girl a fragrance for girls and boyl. And last but not least there’s the big news he recorded a new single with Cara Delevingne.

So what’s next for Pharrell? I’m feel so nostalgic when I think of N.E.R.D and the greatness of The Neptunes………….

#2 kpriss on 10.22.14 at 12:19 pm

So many artists, so many brands, so many collaborations!
…and yet…
so many people! So many tastes!
I’ve heard about Cara’s ‘single’… the girl is desperate (in every way) for a breakthrough, it’s not surprising. As for G-Raw – is there any chance that Pharrell would;ve acquired this brand? remember Bionic Yarn – that company he so proudly started with eco-friendly-everything?… just saying!

Oh, this label-hunting story is getting so depressing! I can only think about teens and pre-teeens who seem to always be label-oriented. A clear sign of non-maturity. Are we doomed to a non-matured fashion?

#3 Adriana V on 10.23.14 at 9:43 am

Yes, I’m afraid so because as women we’re not allowed to age either. See poor Renée Zellweger and her new face. I did spot another face with a new movie to promote who is still recognizable but that face looks bloated of the fillers. That’s off topic oh, well……Gosh, I forgot all about Bionic Yarn…..sorry!
Cara and Pharrell’s video will be directed by Karl Lagerfeld as you probably know.

Newest collab with Adidas, Mary Katrantzou.

#4 Ellington on 10.25.14 at 10:05 am

I like Pharrell, his music, his fashion sense and art. I worked at an exhibit that he curated at the Design Museum in Toronto called This is not a Toy. He is rather prolific and invested in the art world as a collector and collaborator. Adriana V is right people will buy his stuff because it is him designing it, but yes just buying something because it is signed off by a musician or a fashion model or an it person is silly.
In saying that though I did buy an Adidas jacket when Missy Elliot did her fashion swing but only because I really loved the jacket and the colour, and it was a bonus that I like Missy E too. : )

#5 kc on 12.21.14 at 5:20 pm

I love the leather adidas track jacket but $1000 is way out of my price range. Its too bad the greed level is horrendous. Would be nice if Pharrell & adidas would come out with a more reasonable priced one, sat $300? I guess they only want rich people to wear it. Sad.

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