Identified Fashion Items: The Maze Runner Boots

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You’ve been searching high and low for good fall shoes for your young, active ones? The Maze Runner, the first chapter from a series of books adapted into movies can be the very answer to your torments. Young characters, simple wardrobe, role models perfect for a ready to follow audience!

The movie’s costumes department worked under Christine Bieselin Clark and Simonetta Mariano who were previous engaged in projects such as 300 or Riddick to name just a few. Clearly used with the action genre, the costume and wardrobe team put together a special set of clothing for the young actors that would be best described as ‘uniforms’, finished with Palladium boots (tongue-in-cheek as the name ‘Palladium’ itself represents a protective symbol).

Maze Runner movie fashion

The brand is far from being new on the market – Palladium was created in 1920 as a tires company while in 1947 the legendary Palladium Pampa boots were born. Since its beginnings, the company dreamt big and got humongous! They’ve always enjoyed a special contractual collaboration with the Army (selling tires for their planes during the war) so the new Palladium boots were tested in harsh condition in the French Foreigh Legion. Even after so many years, the Palladium footwear is going strong, for connoisseurs and more, being a true urban reference.

Maze Runner Thomas brown boots Palladium Baggy Leather

the boots worn by Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) in the Maze Runner movie: Palladium Baggy Leather gusset in brown available here

Concentrating on the two lead characters: Thomas and Theresa. They both wear Palladium boots. For Thomas (Dylan O’Brien), a key ingredient in the active thread of the Maze, a pair of sturdy Palladium Baggy Leather Gusset in beautiful matte chocolate brown.
Since the filming of The Maze Runner actually took place in 2013 so the characters were well imagined and constructed in 2012, the boots come from a collection launched by Palladium in that same year.

Pharrell boots Palladium

They were even promoted by Pharrell in a pictorial raising awareness for the Tokyo 3/11 tragedy. For urban duties, safe ‘glading’ or running in vicious Maze conditions, the Palladiums definitely have earned their trust.

Maze Runner Theresa boots sneakers Palladium Oxfords

the sneaker boots worn by Theresa (Kaya Scodelario) in the Maze Runner movie: Palladium Pampa Oxford Grey Canvas available here

Theresa Agnes (Kaya Scodelario), who is wearing pretty much the same colors as Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) has a pair of Palladium Pampa Oxford Grey Canvas sneaker-boots. A lovely choice as not only they look good, but they also deliver a safe passage for Theresa from the Box, through the Glade and further more in her adventures (limiting the information to avoid spoilers). The oxfords have a pronounced worn-out look but still have the same Palladium silhouette and trusted quality.

The Maze Runner Boots Palladium

In various scenes of the movie, both Runners are seen wearing Palladium boots. A significant number of Gladers were also wearing Palladiums – either boots or oxfords, confirming the general uniform concept of the wardrobe department. The special leather quivers seen on several Gladers (Newt, Thomas or Frye to name just a few) were custom made by Christine Bieselin Clark and Simonetta Mariano.

special quivers the Maze Runner

We’ve admired the sturdy looks and the versatility of the Palladium footwear in the Maze trials. Will we be testing them in Scorch conditions as well? (Fox, the producing company behind the adaptations is moving forward with the sequel to the Maze: ‘The Scorch Trials’, also adapted from James Dashner’s best-selling novels.)


#1 Adriana V on 09.29.14 at 12:51 pm

Yep, good old Palladiums has served me well in the 80s on a daily basis. During the 90s on holidays for long hiking trails. Gosh, the originals has changed a lot right? The Love Actually kiddo not so much, don’t know his name, but I recognize still him.

#2 kpriss on 09.29.14 at 11:22 pm

I find it rather funny to see how much Palladiums invaded our ‘modern times’ – and this movie? it’s just a modest example!

#3 Adriana V on 10.03.14 at 10:58 am

If these Palladiums still have the same quality as ever I would recommend to buy a pair wholeheartedly. It’s a good investment.

#4 kpriss on 10.05.14 at 11:29 pm

I sure hope so, as I have my heart set on a pair (maybe for next year :) )

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