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14 Temporary Love Tattoos For Valentine’s Day & More!
How was your Valentine’s Day? I mean.. I know this piece would’ve been better before the actual V Day but I’m celebrating Love Day any... Read More

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3 Fashion Trends To Ditch Right Now!
Yoga, UGGs and tattoos – are you into out smartening the media-fed lies? Let’s get to it, then! First, because since Gwyneth Paltrow’s emancipation she... Read More

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Every Woman Needs To Try The New It Jewelry Before Summer’s Out!
First of all – they’re temporary tattoos and second: everyone is crazy about wearing these, from the Vogue HQ to free-spirited fashionistas, so the least... Read More

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8 Cool And Chic Ways To Wear Bows
I was writing that green-accented outfits piece earlier and this happy feeling stuck with me. I decided to give it yet another chance to express... Read More

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Cutest, Easiest Summer Temporary Tattoos
Summer is here, so it’s time for a cute, lovely temporary ink. If you will. Sephora has it ready for you, just a stamp away!... Read More

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Justin Bieber New Tattoos
Since I mentioned something about Justin Bieber and his tattoos in an earlier story the other day, I thought it would be fair to continue... Read More

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2013 Grammy Awards Winner Adele In Valentino Flowery Dress
Talking about her: Adele! I’m so happy she’s one of the 2013 Grammy winners! Not that the other girls nominated in her Best Pop Solo... Read More

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2013 Grammy Awards Winner Beyonce In Osman Black And White Jumpsuit
Now that’s something we don’t get to see every day! Beyonce wearing pants for an official event! And she even got to walk home with... Read More

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