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Matchstick Earrings by Laura Lobdell
Fashion is ever surprising. This time, accessories concerned. And more specifically jewelry. And even more specifically – earrings. I’m a big fan of long straight... Read More

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Paris Exclusive Jewelry Collection
No good news is old news! I wondered what life can be for someone who lost (almost) every penny… And thinking about that, and a... Read More

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Chopard Crafted the World’s Most Expensive Watch
Chopard made the world’s most expensive timepiece, nonetheless you can also count it as one of the ugliest too. As if beauty was money-measurable! Anyway,... Read More

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Handpicked Vintage Accessories
What makes our personal style “stylish”? Wearing designer clothes? Wearing expensive designer clothes? Wearing designer accessories? Expensive, taggy accessories? Wearing some tacky-wacky standing out from... Read More

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My It Fashion Scarves This Winter
That’s what Rowan Mersh does for me this winter! Some fabulous fabric works in Victorian black and creamy themed collections (named Fabric Sculpture 1 and... Read More

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New Scissor Cuff From Toy Me
We live dangerous times. Paris designer Thomas Jaillot together with Marco De Michelis will introduce a Silver Scissor that wraps around your wrist and mixes... Read More

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The Repossi Czarina Ring as Seen on Hilary Duff
Even if I thought I had my full of gossip-style-police, I’ve got to make another exception today. And simply because it’s related to another article... Read More

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Christmas Present of The Day – $4.850 Fashionista Charm Bliss
What can you get for $4.500? This time only: 3 handbags, one pump, one sandal and one golden chain to gather them all! The Fashionista... Read More

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