Christmas Present of The Day – $4.850 Fashionista Charm Bliss

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What can you get for $4.500? This time only: 3 handbags, one pump, one sandal and one golden chain to gather them all!

The Fashionista Gold Charm Bracelet is simple yet beautiful with its multi striped handbags and shoes all in 18ct gold and enamel.

The Fashionista Gold Charm Bracelet Links of London Watch over me Evil Eye earrins Links of London

And since we’re into charms, we found you the perfect earrings to match the voodoo mood: the Watch Over Me Evil Eye Earrings. We’re talking about serious voodoo: the evil eye is made of topaz and onyx as the pupil and is framed by an silver oval shape, accented with a diamond.

The symbol is meant to offer protection and is overlooking, warning away evil. And all that bliss for just $350! Truly charming!

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