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Barbara Uderzo Unusual Jewelry – Wearable Or Detestable?
At first I thought it was an innocent girly reminiscence behind these most original Barbara Uderzo rings. Then I looked further and found there was... Read More

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Shirley Maclaine Chakra Sky Jewelry Collection
Coco Chanel is one endless inspiration spree. The latest getting the Coco flow is Shirley MacLaine who played the Fashion Mademoiselle in a TV movie.... Read More

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Kidrobot By Tarina Tarantino
After Hello Kitty, Tarina Tarantino is going Kidrobot. The new collection looks fresh and playful and everybit Tarina. After a successful handbag collection, kidrobot shows... Read More

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Contact Lenses Jewelry
Now this is what I call living in a crazy world! Like it’s not enough already getting used to wear contact lenses, now you can... Read More

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Louis Vuitton Deluxe Edition Monogram
Now that everyone and his dog knows how the LV monogram looks like, Louis Vuitton is taking the bling road. A diamond logo parure with... Read More

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Punk And Rock Meet Pearls
I always admired the everlasting power of pearls. Elegant, flirty, serious, they’re the always trusty friend to bring along and shine no matter what. Because... Read More

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Martin Margiela Line 11 Silver Interlocking Ring And Bracelet
I normally love a good rough work. A jewelry detail making the difference is always to prefer when needing that extra personal touch to one’s... Read More

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Jacob The Jeweler Prison Work
Don’t you just love a little fashion inside story? Especially when it’s about the sparkling world of diamonds and luxury jewels. Jacob Arabo was sentenced... Read More

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