My It Fashion Scarves This Winter

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That’s what Rowan Mersh does for me this winter! Some fabulous fabric works in Victorian black and creamy themed collections (named Fabric Sculpture 1 and 2 or Bodyworks). He also does jewelry pieces and looking surprisingly good, and overall wearable just as these scarves and jewelry pieces over here.

Rowan Mesh Scarves
Rowan Mesh Necklace Rowan Mesh Brooch

Born 12th July 1982 he graduated the Royal College of Art London in 2005 and describes himself and his work in a very simple manner, not trying to take credit for the stunning way he chooses to work with fabrics, but putting it all to material’s credit:

The essence of my work lies primarily within the complete understanding of a fabric or material. From understanding a textiles inherent characteristics from their structure and the way they are knitted woven or formed to the yarns used in their construction an instinctive sense is able to develop. It is this affinity with the cloth that informs possible capabilities and potential for manipulation and subsequently my creations.

(I’ve got to say that people playing with fabric and textures keep surprising me these past times. One of my favorites remains Alice Temperley who also specialized in fabric technology and print, believing this is the way with fashion).

Just refreshing, don’t you think? It changes a bit the way you ordinary look at scarves and jersey. Not to be to theatrical about wearing these accessories, but I have to admit they stand out in a grey-ish outfit for present temperatures.


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