Handpicked Vintage Accessories

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What makes our personal style “stylish”? Wearing designer clothes? Wearing expensive designer clothes? Wearing designer accessories? Expensive, taggy accessories? Wearing some tacky-wacky standing out from the crowd outfits? Sticking to a trend, following a new trend, having no trend in mind whatsoever?

Lots and lots of questions come to my mind when thinking about “style”. Serious questions marks pop when thinking about the next outfit I’ll choose to wear and where to wear it. Does style only comes in clothes? Doubt it. Does one’s style is only layered in fabric? I for one bid it all for attitude.

Vintage Accessories
I’ll project some of my fashion-style-troubles in these e-pages from time to time, for you to opinion (not to judge, for none has this authority), let’s enrich our style through information. Today I projected some hand picked vintage accessories. Not specifically trendy, not absolutely “dernier cri” but always there to help us put singularity in the way we represent ourselves through outfits.

(these accessories can be actually found at the dejarnettenola.com and modcloth.com)

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#1 How About Some Vintage? — StyleFrizz on 03.08.08 at 3:26 pm

[…] controversial, vintage has changed its original meaning referring to wines, to mostly clothes, accessories, anything that goes back a long time and it’s still wearable or usable, especially when its […]

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