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Sharon Stone For Damiani
Loosing one, gaining another, there goes life. And what a glamorous and full of friends life! Sharon was shown the exit door from the Dior... Read More

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Paul Burrell Jewelry Line
America is and always will be fascinated with everything-Britain-related. You may look at the title of this article and raise eyebrows saying “who is Paul... Read More

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Nicole Richie House Of Harlow Jewelry Collection
At first there was the news about Nicole Richie’s intentions to launch a maternity clothing line. Now those rumors are swept away by the “House... Read More

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Nylon Jewelry Collection From Lucas Design
How far do you take the adoration for a magazine? If you need to express your press taste publicly, than you’d be pleased by this... Read More

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Gualti Unusual Jewelry
My open minded self gave in to my safe-thinking self when looking at these creations. I couldn’t help imagining that my kids will be physically... Read More

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Promo Preview Style Pencil Promo Bracelet
It may not be the fanciest, but it surely is one interesting piece of jewelry. Made by Promo Preview Style designers, the Pencil Promo is... Read More

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Colleen Baran Love Letter Ring – One Second To Say You Miss Them
How many times a day you tell your dear ones you love them? Or miss them? Or how many times a week? A month? A... Read More

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Octopus Jewelry Made From Real Octopus
I don’t know about you, but when I looked at these pictures, I felt the salty sea taste in my mouth! And not because I’m... Read More

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