Kristen Stewart Vs. Vanessa Paradis In Chanel Pre Fall 2014 Photographed By Lagerfeld

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Remember when Chanel announced that the next spokesperson of the French fashion house will be none the other but Kristen Stewart? She who repeatedly made columnists worldwide exclaim how frozen her expression was and, therefore, how limited her range of interpretation? How could she be a fashion model? How could she interpret fashion when she only has one expression?

With a little help from Karl Lagerfeld and his vision, Kristen turned into a wonderful model for Chanel’s Cowboys and Indians pre – fall 2014 collection! When I saw the images, I admit I was impressed with the styling!

Kristen Stewart Vanessa Paradis styled photographed by Karl Lagerfeld

But did you know that Lagerfeld also styled one of his muses, Vanessa Paradis, for a fashion magazine pictorial with outfits from the same collection? Elle France published in its March-April 2014 issue, a photo-story called ‘Pure Paradis’, styled by Jeanne LeBault with a weirdly punk-looking Vanessa.

Kristen Stewart Vanessa Paradis Chanel campaign Elle France by Lagerfeld

See also: Emma Watson is one of Lagerfeld’s models as well!

Lagerfeld photographed Kristen Stewart Vanessa Paradis

Considering that this is her first post-official breakup appearance, ‘the new Vanessa Paradis by Karl Lagerfeld’ as the cover announces it, looks considerably younger and edgier than before. Partly responsible is John Nollet who did her hair. But the makeup, signed by Christophe Danchaud is part of the re-styling and not to forget Karl Lagerfeld himself, who took the photos! However, should I have to pick between Vanessa Paradis and Kristen Stewart as spokespersons for the said Chanel collection, I would most definitely choose Kristen. Or at least der Kaiser’s vision of her!

Vanessa Paradis Elle France new haircut Lagerfeld photos

Kristen Stewart Chanel ad campaign

Photographed and styled by Karl Lagerfeld, the new Chanel Pre Fall 2014 ad campaign is striking and dramatic. Of course a lot of Photoshop is involved, of course the original photographs were altered to the point of looking like long-lost treasures found in Nana’s dusted attic, but the important thing is that the overall aesthetic approach deserves honest accolades. Der Kaiser did it again! and so did Kristen! Despite all odds, she is, now, a very successful fashion model with Balenciaga and Chanel ad campaigns in her portfolio. Some professional models work for years and don’t make it to the high fashion marketing ranks where an actress can settle herself as certified selling value.

Kristen Stewart Chanel 2014 ad campaign

See also: Kristen continues to represent for Balenciaga’s Florabotanica perfume!

Kristen is young, she still has long acting years to prove herself beyond the realms of the ‘daily flavor’ while her style is yet to be found. Sadly, in the world of the famous ones, there’s no more room for error and everyone uses a stylist. Kristen may not have one to pick her every outfit (therefore she’s walking around wearing outfits .”>she chose while blindfolded) but her official events looks are styled by the same person since she was 15! Tara Swennen. We talked about her before.

Kristen Stewart with her stylist Tara Swennen

Kristen Steward has as much personal style as a cucumber in a dress. But that’s ok. We’ve all been there. At one point. Some during our diapers days, some later, some are forever frozen in that sublime state of style. But as I’m trying to look beyond the smoke and mirrors into the depths of fashion backstages, I’m trying to see what the real fashion references should be here: Karl Lagerfeld or Tara Swennen?

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