Fall Winter 2014 2015 Beauty Trends: Armani Prive Fall 2014

You may have your wardrobe all ready to hit the fall trends, but how about the beauty case? The same update is required as your beauty regime needs a seasonal touch to stay in the fashion first row. Hydration is important, don’t forget to drink plenty of water and get your beauty sleep!

Following the professionals advice, we’re taking notes about the new fall – winter 2014/2015 makeup! Linda Cantello, makeup artist explained how to achieve the Armani Prive Fall 2014 Haute Couture black-and-white theme. Using a pale foundation (like Armani’s Maestro Zero, soon available), add highlights on the cheekbones and eyelids (she used a product which will be available around the Holidays in the Orient Excess Armani range).

Fall Winter 2014 2015 makeup HC Armani Prive

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7 Fall 2014 Fashion Trends To Remember From The Haute Couture Shows!

Although many of you still think that fall is somewhere in the distant future, but for fashion connoisseurs, the Fall shows are already over and done with since spring. However, the most spectacular of them all, the Fall Haute Couture shows wrapped up their fairy-tale walks less than a month ago.

What can we retain from the most sought after fashion designers who presented their most exclusivist and fashion-outstanding collections for fall?

Fall 2014 trends HC Winter 2015

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Crocs Death Hoax: How Fashion Kills Comfort

For those who claimed that fashion was lacking sensitivity or that it was not anchored in the actual present times, here’s a piece of news that could rock your world more than Cosmo’s mind-blowing 28 positions that never work in real life:

Fashion’s war against Crocs counts 180 casualties as of this summer, with 75 to 100 Crocs stores closing in an effort to save $4Million this year and $10Million next year. The assiduous campaign to annihilate the casual footwear brand off the face of the (fashion) Earth started soon after the company’s launch in 2002. Although the footwear was downright revolutionary (with its ‘Croslite’ comfy, light and odor-resistant material), and fairly successful ( more than 200 million pairs sold worldwide), fashion people declared a cold, merciless war against the plastic clogs!

crocs extinction

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Scarlett Johansson Gets New Short Haircut, Turns Into Elsa Pataky!

Latest Sci Fi to win the box-office is Lucy. A perfectly minded movie by one of Europe’s most beloved directors, Luc Besson (also responsible for movies like The 5th Element or Taken) starring one of Hollywood’s most beloved actresses, Scarlett Johansson (and yes, this is the perfect excuse to tell you that ‘Lucy’ is worth going to the cinema for).

As previously discussed, Scarlett is now happily engaged and expecting, so changing her hair may just be one of those pregnant mood changes. Or not. While the world was so far used to seeing lovely Scarlett showing off perfect old-school glamour skills, this sudden switch to a new hipster aura might be difficult to digest (add to that her neverending pregnancy and you’ve got yourself lacking the glam action shero everyone was so fond of lately).

Scarlett Johansson new haircut before and after

Scarlett Johansson hair evolution: from her full-on glam aura (L) to her new found hipster looks (R)

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Anorexia & Models: Jamie Bochert

Having so much fun with the Dita von Teese story the other day led to a natural conclusion: writing on photos can be meaningful and it’s also the easiest way to get a message across. Who even reads over 300 words – the average count for a Stylefrizz story? (for those who actually do take that time, a sincere and warm thank you! Everything is written from the heart!)

So let’s do more of photo-wisdom, the new generation for the good ol’ ‘Wisdom Without Moderation’! Fashion people have so many intriguing, seldom fascinating opinions about so many things! Take Jamie Bochert for instance! The 31year-old American model was on and off the fashion scene for over 12 years. She’s famous for her waify frame and androgynous looks. Here’s what she said in a recent interview:

models about eating and anorexia Jamie Bochert

Mothers, Would You Buy Maternity Lingerie From Dita Von Teese?

Famous people are either (1) striving for fresh design ideas or simply (2) believe they can sell anything as long as it has their ‘fame’ label on it!

The latest example to date is Dita Von Teese! The 41 year-old entertainer has made a name for herself on the burlesque scene, performing around the world and taking the old-school glamour to a new height of popularity and appreciation. But do you know that Dita’s first workplace was in a lingerie boutique? Her passion for undergarments (corsets, lace and flirty items) pushed her further into the industry when she launched her own lingerie range with Wonderbra.

Dita von Teese nursing bra

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30 Shades Of Louboutin Polish: The Nail Lacquer Everyone Is Talking About!

Christian Louboutin has been dubbed a lot of things: from genius pioneer to a merciless commercial visionary taking advantage of clichés to make fortunes (oh, and there were rumors implying that the red soles idea was not even his own).

But the simple truth is that every girl out there dreams of owning (at least) one red-tinted pair of high heels. And since they normally come with a 3-figure price tag, how about something more affordable from the iconic footwear designer? And no, there’s no DIY involved (so far). Something that was actually at the very origins of the legendary red soled shoes?

the only nail polish you need

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The Bra Is Dead, Long Live The Bralette: 5 Simple Reasons Why!

Going bra-shopping can really be an exhausting, demoralizing experience for many women out there! Either because advertising is constantly pushing up (pun intended) the body curves and when the underwire and the padding don’t do, Photoshop will most certainly perfect it!

Bralettes are like your childhood BFF! Naturally close, naturally funny and always trusty. There’s no lying, no cheating but an endless reservoir of careless charm. Lace, cotton, solid color or wild prints, bralettes have it all! and now you have all the simplest reasons to just go with the bralette!

bralette is the new bra

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