Crocs Death Hoax: How Fashion Kills Comfort

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For those who claimed that fashion was lacking sensitivity or that it was not anchored in the actual present times, here’s a piece of news that could rock your world more than Cosmo’s mind-blowing 28 positions that never work in real life:

Fashion’s war against Crocs counts 180 casualties as of this summer, with 75 to 100 Crocs stores closing in an effort to save $4Million this year and $10Million next year. The assiduous campaign to annihilate the casual footwear brand off the face of the (fashion) Earth started soon after the company’s launch in 2002. Although the footwear was downright revolutionary (with its ‘Croslite’ comfy, light and odor-resistant material), and fairly successful ( more than 200 million pairs sold worldwide), fashion people declared a cold, merciless war against the plastic clogs!

crocs extinction

Oddly enough, although the news of Crocs inevitable death was simply allover, the company’s Nasdaq quotations look far off the extinction threshold! Actually, Crocs are doing far better than they did in 2009 and 2010 and seem to be on a steady financial course.

Crocs Nasdaq quotations from 2006 to 2014

Crocs have so fought so hard to stay relevant and ahead of the curve so they diversified the products portfolio to include trendier designs for women, men and kids alike. You can even buy Crocs sneakers or loafers if you want! And if your brand loyalty (or curiosity) goes that far, your sunglasses can be Crocs, your socks or purse as well!

fun summer bag from crocs

crocs trendy sneakers

nobody would ever believe you that these are crocs! available for less than $50, they really look fashion-relevant!

crocs socks sunglasses

how about that? crocs makes sunglasses too! and socks (less than $10/pack of two)!

Working around the garden, comfortably walking around the house, get your kids toes safely away from the hot sand or the bees in the grass has never been easier and more colorful. Crocs were even featured in stylish spreads in the pages of Fashion’s Bible, Vogue Magazine, they were on the Red Carpet, worn by highly esteemed celebrities.

colorful crocs pinksherbet photography

So why the hate? Why Crocs get titles reading ‘the brand you always wished would die is indeed dying’ whilst Fashionista is certain that ‘Steve Madden’s Shoe Business is Better Than Ever’ – something quite daring to say about a company whose founder was imprisoned for serious financial fraud. Comparing the two brands is far from random as Steve Madden himself declared:

Everybody wears our shoes, pretty much, and yet they will be photographed and talk about Louboutin more than they will Steve Madden. It takes a rare, brave celebrity to say, “I’m wearing Steve Madden,” when they all do, they all do, you know, because the shoes are easy. They’re great prices, great styling, easy, and we get them all the time in their natural habitat.

Brooke Shields Jared Leto Raquel Zimmerman crocs

crocs were seen in Vogue Paris, worn by Brooke Shields and even Jared Leto!

Everybody wore Crocs at one point. Some are wearing them still. But it’s nearly impossible to get someone from the fashionverse admit to wearing the colorful plastic footwear. Just like they didn’t admit to even owning, let alone wearing a pair of Birkenstock sandals. Until they made it to the catwalk and then – bam! – everyone was wearing the cork-soled sandals so far deemed hideous! What would it take to get the Crocs out of haters reach?

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