Anorexia & Models: Jamie Bochert

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Having so much fun with the Dita von Teese story the other day led to a natural conclusion: writing on photos can be meaningful and it’s also the easiest way to get a message across. Who even reads over 300 words – the average count for a Stylefrizz story? (for those who actually do take that time, a sincere and warm thank you! Everything is written from the heart!)

So let’s do more of photo-wisdom, the new generation for the good ol’ ‘Wisdom Without Moderation’! Fashion people have so many intriguing, seldom fascinating opinions about so many things! Take Jamie Bochert for instance! The 31year-old American model was on and off the fashion scene for over 12 years. She’s famous for her waify frame and androgynous looks. Here’s what she said in a recent interview:

models about eating and anorexia Jamie Bochert


#1 Ellington on 08.03.14 at 9:56 am

Yes some people are naturally thin as there are some who are naturally fat.
And if they have a thyroid problem or if they are bulimic or anorexic ( there are people who are bigger and they suffer from anorexia and bulimia) it is not for us to comment and slag them off.
I am tired of people being so judgmentally mean on purpose.
Yes we all judge people but the thing is to not pass sentence on them.

#2 kpriss on 08.05.14 at 8:19 am

Thank you Ellington! I wish people would stop passing judgments like it’s any of their concern how this or that person looks like! Maybe if they were more concerned with making the world a better place, they’d have their hands&minds full and over shallow perceptions…

#3 Johnboy Slim on 11.25.18 at 6:55 pm

I agree with both of the comments above but just for fun and to play a bit of devil’s advocate, why is it OK to say something like, wow, she is pretty, he is handsome, what a beautiful home, etc? We all are constantly judging everything and everyone we see both positively and negatively and if you say you don’t, you are a liar. Again, it is never fun to be judged in a negative way but why have we as a society become so soft that opinions have to be censored, either by yourself or by other’s. If you have an opinion that a lot of people don’t like, you can be bullied and judged harshly, just for expressing your opinion. Me personally, I want to know exactly what the people around me are thinking so that I can make the decision whether or not to be around you. For example, a white rac!st, censors himself around others but completely despises those from a different racial background. I want to live in a society where he feels comfortable to say what he thinks, no matter how ignorant, so we can all know where he stands and can avoid the hell out of him. Just a thought, have a lovely day.

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