Victoria Beckham Wimbledon Fashion Lesson

Before getting the Couture talk in place, let’s wrap up this year’s summer sports inspiration with a Wimbledon final! While the US was up in 4th of July celebrations, in London, the tennis-loving crowds were treated with one of the most beautiful tennis matches ever in the Gentleman’s single finals at the 2014 edition of the prestigious Wimbledon tournament!

It’s a wonderful summer for ball-sports with the 2014 Football World Championship and the world’s most elegant lawn tennis tournament taking place at the same time in the UK. While football fans like to keep it fairly colorful and loud, the Wimbledon court imposes quite the dress code on the lawn and in the audience. Year after year, celebrities attend the matches and their looks are simply too fabulous too pass out on!

Wimbledon fashion Victoria Beckham 2014 gentlemen single final

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Simple, Stylish Tips On How To Effortlessly Dress For The 4th Of July!

Showing your flag colors and getting all stars&stripes may be easier and more fashionable than you think! Do it or over-do-it, here’s a simple plan you can follow year after year for casual or dressy occasions to help you celebrate a stylish 4th of July (or any other National Day)!

1. Wear the Flag!

While that may seem a bit too cliché for some fashionistas, it’s really old-school charming and by far the most effective look for the occasion! Choose a print or a t-shirt, shirt or skirt, pair it with something neutral or every-day use (like jeans shorts or a simple tank top)!

4th of July outfits tips

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How To Wear The Season’s Hottest Trends: 6 Fashionable Designer Plastic Bags

As we noticed over and over again, this year’s fashion icons love wearing see through looks (notably Rihanna who keeps on wearing looks that offer a generous see-through perspective at her gorgeous body). With the arrival of Summer, there’s hardly anything left to see through as we spend a considerable amount of time dressed down to our swimsuits, so what’s left to ‘see-through’ then?

The answer came unexpectedly as a classic fashion cliché: see-through bags! Clear (more or less) plastic handbags can also adhere to this sheer style tendency! To add a bit of contrast next to the less of exotic feel of plastic, here are 6 plastic designer bags to raise pulses and eyebrows alike, and hopefully, provide a source of inspiration for your next summer city/beach bag!

season hottest bags trends

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Marc Jacobs Exits LV, Sofia Coppola Joins Him, Directs Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs

Remember when little ones get really mad with their playdates at the playground so they decide to go away but not before gathering and taking all their toys with them? Well, growing up, not much changes! Or at least not as far as Marc Jacobs goes!

He may have departed Louis Vuitton, but he did not walked out the door by himself, it seems! Sofia Coppola directed Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs, the latest campaign for Marc’s newest addition to the ‘Daisy’ perfume family. The campaign’s star is Antonia Wesseloh, a German model who fits Sofia’s aesthetic perfectly.

Marc Jacobs new Daisy Dream perfume ad

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Summer’s Hottest Sunglasses: 6 Oversized Wayfarers Inspired By Kate Moss!

While the mud is drying on the Glastonbury field and the scenes are slowly wrapping up their industrial mayhem, all eyes go towards the beach holidayers, trying to catch up on the waves-sun-sand vibe to wash away the festival dirt.

Kate Moss is enjoying some quality Ibiza time (with Naomi Campbell, no less) so we’re not just staring in empty admiration, we’re taking notes! As we all know and appreciate, Kate Moss has a distinct flair for classic, timeless style. Every style is personal, of course, but we can always let others’ fashion approach inspire us. This time, it’s about sunglasses! Wayfarers – 5 pairs of Wayfarer-like shapes from various brands as they’re not only a timeless, classic design, but also this summer’s hottest one!

Kate Moss beach Holiday sunglasses

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How To Wear The Season’s Hottest Trends: 14 Really Wearable White Shoes

Wedding season is on, so it’s Wimbledon. As mentioned earlier, there’s an all-white dresscode in place at the world’s oldest, most prestigious tennis tournament taking place in England for just one more week.

Maybe as to counterbalance the muddy fields of fabulous Glastonbury Music Festival, the white shoes trend does exist per se, as one of this season’s most significant fashion statements. Most of the ‘latest hour styles’ are, sometimes, unbearable: to wear or to walk in. Still, how about some white shoes worth putting on and walking in? scroll down, there’s plenty to inspire you (starting with the high heels and then going for comfort with more grounded soles)

Wimbledon white trend inspiration

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3 Fashion Magazines Covers: Different But Very Much The Same!

What do Vogue Japan, Harper’s Bazaar Arabia and Jalouse France have in common? Scroll down and you’ll discover how 3 fashion magazine from far-out corners of the world are extremely different, yet very much alike!

Rihanna was awarded with the 2014 Fashion Icon distinction by the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Consequently, she’s pretty much everywhere, and not just because of her scandalous, half-dressed Insta/twit/pics. She holds the cover of Jalouse France June/July 2014 and Harper’s Bazaar Arabia July 2014. Fast-forwarding to fall, Linda Evangelista covers Vogue Japan September 2014!

very similar fashion magazine covers

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How To Wear The Wimbledon Fashion Trend: 14 Stylish White Dresses Ideas!

Like a downplay of the colorful infusion of the FIFA World Cup 2014 which takes place in beautiful Brazil, the classic timeless quality of the world’s most prestigious and longstanding tennis championships, Wimbledon is ongoing in England as we write these lines.

Since 1877, the London grass has seen all and every tennis stars the world had offered and one of the main particularities of this tournament is the all-white clothing for the athletes playing at Wimbledon. The ball boys and girls and the officials are currently wearing cream and blue uniforms from Ralph Lauren, a contract with the designer’s Polo Ralph Laurent label that will end in 2015. Honoring that Wimbledon tradition, here are 14 all-white dresses for your summer consideration (if you’re having doubts, just look at how many celebrities and fashion people chose to wear white in the last couple of days!)

Wimbledon tennis style inspiration

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