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Counterfeit Store In Dubai: Primark

Talking about counterfeit goods reminded me of this little piece of news: there’s a fake Primark store in Dubai! Although there’s no retail operations base for Primark (a British low – price fast fashion store chain with 236 stores in Europe), there is a boutique with the name Primark on Dubai’s Bank Street, pretending to be part of the said group. Fake bags today, fake stores tomorrow, fake countries in a month! It’s a mad, mad world!{wwd}

fake store in Dubai Primark


Isla Moda, Fashion Isla Bonita Dubai

If one day I’ll hear that they’re building the Moon in Dubai, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit!

Later this year, a new project will begin setting its first stones (sort of speaking) – Isla Moda. A Fashion Island. Literally. Involving fashion designers from allover the world will mold the new resort into an exclusive fashion industry promise land. There would be fashion shows and product launches, celebrities storming around.

Isla Moda Dubai

The only thing not getting tagged by a designer would be the air on Isla Moda. Everything else will receive a heavy label. Residents will be provided with a personal concierge – a redeemed stylists under the Dubai sun who can help you sort your wardrobe and everything else surrounding their customers designer-hunger. The first designer announced for the project is none the other than the Kaiser Lagerfeld. Beware! There will be Chanel-tagged sidewalks! (just joking! Do you think they’ll make residences called Lagerfeld Villa? or fancy roads like Alexander McQueen Boulevard and so on?)
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Gianfranco Ferré Stresa Project Dubai

And another one bites the luxury concrete! Gianfranco Ferré is going Dubai residential. The Dubai mirage is no comparison to the catwalk, they’re all going to sign something over there.

Gianfranco Ferré Stresa will combine residential, commercial and hospitality spaces worth more than $1.2bn. The complex is named after the town where Gianfranco Ferré has his summer residence.

Gianfranco Ferre Stresa Dubai
The architect of fashion, Gianfranco Ferré, was renowned for his clean lines, originality and inventiveness and we are more than confident that Gianfranco Ferré Stresa will encompass these attributes and fittingly represent the House of Gianfranco Ferré.
Here that? A luxury building named after a town! In Dubai! And signed by a fashion designer! Shall I end my celeb-turned-designer hunt and go concrete couture hunt?
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Elie Saab Designs Dubai Hotel

It doesn’t surprise me one bit to see that more and more, designers are migrating from the catwalk into some other “fashion” related fields. Geographically, this pattern records high concentration in the Dubai area.

The hotel designed by Elie Saab is in direct relation with the Tiger Woods designed golf course, in an exclusive gold community with clubhouse, spa, palaces, mansions, villas and community service facilities. A city in itself.

Every detail of the hotel’s interiors will reflect my signature element that is defined by a fusion of simplicity, luxury and modernism to create a dreamlike ambiance. This is a first for me in terms of designing the interiors of a hotel, a reason why this project is especially close to my heart and will draw the best of my creative sensibilities.

Elie Saab Dubai Hotel Deal

Let’s imagine for a second that you would be given the opportunity to spend some time (like in days) in such a resort. Would you consider it an honor? Staying in a hotel where the interior decoration is signed by Elie Saab would mean just as much as wearing one of his dresses?
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Brad Pitt Designs Eco Hotel In Dubai

I was talking with my husband today remembering Fight Club (the movie) and we both agree on many things great about this film. Of course one of the greatest things was the acting. Both Brad Pitt and Edward Norton were brilliant, not to mention Helena Bonham Carter.

Anyway, later in the day I came across a piece of Pitt-news. Not your average gossip article about Brad Pitt but something rather different : he’s going to collaborate with two companies as a design consultant for the environmentally sustainable hotel and American themed development in Dubai. How about it? If his visions for this project are similar to the ones driving him to buy the marble table, I feel puzzled in my anticipation. Do you think he’s really into design? I mean like really, really, not just a signature on a project and marketing his name over architectural projects just because?

Brad Pitt Hotel Project
(via luxist, breakeingtravelnews, inhabitat)


Behold The $10,200 Gold iPad!

I started the Apple talk the other day without being aware that I was going to find yet another reason to bring the iProducts into discussion. But here I am, though, because it’s worth acknowledging it. Like one would acknowledge a rotten apple in a basket full of fruity awesomeness!

so: behold the Gold iPad! Just like any other iPad only with a case made entirely of gold! Pretty fancy, isn’t it?

exclusive gadget gold iPad At this point, it’s even irrelevant what the original design was, the entire point of this gadget residing more in his shell than the actual hi-tech within. Skin deep, huh?

You can get your very own golden iPad upon registering at the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai as the LA Times reports, for which these exclusive gadgets were designed by Gold&Co. London (can’t believe that name!).

Now! if your experience with the said gold iPad was absolutely addictive, you can purchase one for ‘just’ $10,200! And the gold iPad mini or iPhone 5. Burberry phones also available in gold, at the same hotel.

You should know, however, that although it may be different on the outside, it’s still the same gadget on the inside. Just like everyone else’s…


Glittery Gold Temporary Tattoos

Because I find new things to put on my letter to Santa every day, I’ll be sharing those charming bits and pieces of Christmas with you also. Because I happen to loooove this season! I’m a sucker for Christmas-sy things! Aren’t you, really? I wish I could throw a party each day in December!

Now for today’s spark: 24karats Gold Temporary Tattoos! Isn’t that wonderful? Made actual gold or platinum (99,9%) the gold tattoos go for prices starting as low as $50 and going up, depending on the design (reaching even $5,500). Using the new tattoos as the new jewelry / body art, the technique seems to be a fashion in Dubai and, if we’re to believe the owner of the company that started all this, they’re planning to take over the Middle East before anything. So if you’re thinking of getting one of the golden temporary beauties, you’ll also have to consider a trip to Dubai. Do you think it’ll become a worldwide phenomenon? (via)

Temporary gold tattoos

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This Is My Chanel 2.55 Bag!

I’m holding it up, up so you can all see it! Put on your shades, you’ll be needing them! And this is how they make fashion in Paris. Ultra shiny, ultra big, it’s Chanel daaahling!

I love a bit of extravaganza, a high note here and a sparkle there, however, trying to pass out as a decently fashionable creature, I won’t wear the entire arsenal on me. And surely not in the daylight. I’d go for something this busy-looking for a night out, for fun. Even with the giant 2.55. What about you? Cast your vote right after the image! (photo via EF)

big gold shiny Chanel 2 55 bag

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