Behold The $10,200 Gold iPad!

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I started the Apple talk the other day without being aware that I was going to find yet another reason to bring the iProducts into discussion. But here I am, though, because it’s worth acknowledging it. Like one would acknowledge a rotten apple in a basket full of fruity awesomeness!

so: behold the Gold iPad! Just like any other iPad only with a case made entirely of gold! Pretty fancy, isn’t it?

exclusive gadget gold iPad At this point, it’s even irrelevant what the original design was, the entire point of this gadget residing more in his shell than the actual hi-tech within. Skin deep, huh?

You can get your very own golden iPad upon registering at the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai as the LA Times reports, for which these exclusive gadgets were designed by Gold&Co. London (can’t believe that name!).

Now! if your experience with the said gold iPad was absolutely addictive, you can purchase one for ‘just’ $10,200! And the gold iPad mini or iPhone 5. Burberry phones also available in gold, at the same hotel.

You should know, however, that although it may be different on the outside, it’s still the same gadget on the inside. Just like everyone else’s…

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