Inception, The Apple Way

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I’ve long been a fan of Apple’s designs and concepts. But there’s something about Apple and their lack of democracy… The way they designed each and every one of their product and the associated apps is so restrictive and frustrating that the competition’s products look ideal in comparison. Again: in comparison.

When Steve Jobs left us, I long wandered if Apple’s magic will be lost without him. It’s not lost. Apple and their design dictatorship become obsolete. Lawsuits after lawsuits, settlements over settlements, they try to hold on to their original titles and initiatives. But will they ever recover their aura?

design plea Apple

Advertising-wise, Apple has always been wonderful to watch and the way they sell ideas and not products is clearly way more imaginative and creative than all the others combined. To wrap this up in a round manner, putting side by side the competition’s and Apple’s marketing, the latter looks ideal in comparison. Again: in comparison.

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