Versace Goes Real Estate With Vita Tower Panama

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You know, fashion is an interesting field lately. Not only it’s the promise land of success for the actors and singers with poor ratings, but it’s also a departure point for extreme collaborations.

After cars, helicopters, hotels now it’s a residential project that’s drawing high fashion maison. Like a butterfly towards the flame, there it goes: Versace engages in the exclusive interior design for the Vita Tower, an upcoming luxury skyscraper (set to hit the market in 2010) in Panama. From what I see in the pictures, the Vita Tower looks Versace in more ways than just interior… How further now? What can they do next in the name of fashion?

Versace Vita Tower Panama
(via wwd, photos via panamareals)


#1 Adriana on 06.11.08 at 4:18 am

Open their first store i.e. hotel on Mars so the first rich and famous who are gonna take this trip can stay in the right envoriment for their wishes and shop there of course too?

(Or is it the moon? Correct if I’m wrong…..???)

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