Glittery Gold Temporary Tattoos

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Because I find new things to put on my letter to Santa every day, I’ll be sharing those charming bits and pieces of Christmas with you also. Because I happen to loooove this season! I’m a sucker for Christmas-sy things! Aren’t you, really? I wish I could throw a party each day in December!

Now for today’s spark: 24karats Gold Temporary Tattoos! Isn’t that wonderful? Made actual gold or platinum (99,9%) the gold tattoos go for prices starting as low as $50 and going up, depending on the design (reaching even $5,500). Using the new tattoos as the new jewelry / body art, the technique seems to be a fashion in Dubai and, if we’re to believe the owner of the company that started all this, they’re planning to take over the Middle East before anything. So if you’re thinking of getting one of the golden temporary beauties, you’ll also have to consider a trip to Dubai. Do you think it’ll become a worldwide phenomenon? (via)

Temporary gold tattoos

gold temporary tattoos

gold temporary tattoos recipient


#1 hypertoparallepsis on 11.24.10 at 2:33 am

“Do you think it’ll become a worldwide phenomenon?” – I hope so!! :)~

#2 henry on 06.18.12 at 5:21 pm

They are now available in the US at GolsTattoosUSdotcom the 24k temporary tattoos last 3 to 5 days!

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