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Wedge Sandal By Marc Jacobs For Red Bull Art Of Can?

You’ll have to indulge my Marc Jacobs rants… I have to discover what makes his collections tick so much! And in my searches I came across another MJ creation, part of an art project…

A really interesting project called Red Bull Art of Can is in full development few years already: it’s a national exhibition with various artworks from Red Bull cans.

After traveling the world (Amsterdam, Boston, Dubai, Dublin, London, Vienna a.o) the RATC competition is now opened in Washington DC (the exhibition will take place this fall). (don’t miss the rest of the pictures right after the jump!)

Arthur Porter Fuel Collection RBATC

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Brad Pitt Covers Architectural Digest January 2009 Vs. W Magazine February 2009

Not long ago, there was a question about men articles on Here it comes! With none the other but Brad Pitt.

Brad Pitt covers the Architectural Digest in January 2009. How and who qualifies Brad as a cover subject for an architectural magazine is beyond my logic.

Brad Pitt Architectural Digest January 2009 New Orleans cover Of course I can understand the philanthropically correctness of portraying him for his New Orleans contribution, but the cover?

A simple internet search will show you that Brad has a passionate interest for architecture and he was involved in some charitable projects around New Orleans.(don’t miss the rest of the pictures right after the jump!)

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Angelina Jolie By Brad Pitt For W Magazine November 2008

Everyone’s talking about that. Everywhere I turn my head it’s either Angie’s breastfeeding photos by Brad Pitt for W magazine or the US financial clash. At least I’ve got the choice! (Pictures from the magazine updated at the end of the article!)

I won’t get financial, we’re Stylefrizz. We love fashion and entertainment. So I’d go for Angelina Jolie and her fifth and sixth children, the twins Knox and Vivienne, her natural children with partner Brad Pitt. It’s not in discrimination that I’m saying the above, it’s because few years ago, W magazine published photos of her, Brad Pitt and five children in a story about domestic bliss in 1963. Prophecy or just marketing? (more pictures after the jump)

Angelina Jolie Breastfeeding by Brad Pitt for W magazine cover November 2008

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Hermès I – The First Hermès Yacht

How about a steel beauty with teak laid decks signed Hermès? And you may take your time, it seems to be the first from a series of 24 luxury yachts.

I wish I could provide you with the proper photo but all I dug up were the technical specifications and that didn’t helped me much to know about the ECDIS Simrad CS55 with 15” Display or about the twin hydraulic ram and twin balanced rudder arrangement with interlink… But the facts still remain – Hermès is going into yachting… Why is it that they’d go rather mobile (a luxury car, a luxury helicopter) and others are moving towards concrete couture?

Sunset Landscape - Yacht
( globalyachtsltd via wwd, photo via flckr)


Giorgio Armani Enters the World of Luxury Hotels

Who can say fashion industry has its strictness? Giorgio Armani is now a hotel designer. He has designed 160 guest rooms and 144 luxury residential apartments for the world’s first Armani Hotel.

The Armani Hotel will open this year in the luxe Burj Dubai development and it’s announced to be “ultra-spectacular”, especially designed and thought after his own experiences in various hotels all over the world.

Construction of the first Armani Hotel in Burj Dubai
“I was once in a hotel in Shanghai where there were 1,000 cushions on the bed, but no small stool to sit on in the bathroom to dry one’s feet – which is why I chose to furnish the Dubai Hotel and residences in a style I have always loved for a home.”

I wonder if the also makes an outfit matching every room’s decoration. That would be really awesome! Never seen before – reserve a place in the Armani Hotel where every room comes with its personalized outfit! What do you think? Shall we write to the very distinguish Mr. Armani this proposition?