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Behold The $10,200 Gold iPad!
I started the Apple talk the other day without being aware that I was going to find yet another reason to bring the iProducts into... Read More

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Inception, The Apple Way
I’ve long been a fan of Apple’s designs and concepts. But there’s something about Apple and their lack of democracy… The way they designed each... Read More

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Gadget Undecover: World’s Best Tablet Case!
You know the iPad/tablet is the gadget everyone loves. At such point that it may just surpass the sales of home personal computers that will... Read More

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What Should I Put In My Bag? Apple Co – Founder’s Backpack Contents
You know, I sometimes ask myself if this or that really belongs in my bag and if I should keep it there. Or worse –... Read More

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Google Nexus 7 Tablet: Will You Switch?
A month from now, we’ll be all able to enjoy Google’s latest creation: Nexus 7, the tablet from Google. While its price may be playing... Read More

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Even Lagerfeld’s Cat Has An iPad!
You know, I’ve been asking Santa for this teeny tiny gadget favor for so long now! And he keep saying it’s too hot in the... Read More

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Blue Jeans, Black Turtleneck. Style Geek Par Excellence, Steve Jobs Has Died
I know this isn’t how we do things around here. However, I just can’t sit back and say nothing. I feel a great loss, even... Read More

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Lady Gaga By Karl Lagerfeld. Lagerfeld’s Golden iPad
Remember when Karl Lagerfeld said he has no use for computers and he doesn’t own one? He also said once that he has many computer... Read More

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