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Louis Vuitton Japan
Some more news from the Twilight Zone, the Concrete Couture District. There’s a new Louis Vuitton flagship store for Japan. The concept is signed by... Read More

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Versace Clock Tower New York
Versace is going for the billion building on Madison Avenue. The Clock Tower building was bought last year in a $200 million deal and now... Read More

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Isla Moda, Fashion Isla Bonita Dubai
If one day I’ll hear that they’re building the Moon in Dubai, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit! Later this year, a new project will... Read More

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Gianfranco Ferré Stresa Project Dubai
And another one bites the luxury concrete! Gianfranco Ferré is going Dubai residential. The Dubai mirage is no comparison to the catwalk, they’re all going... Read More

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Elie Saab Designs Dubai Hotel
It doesn’t surprise me one bit to see that more and more, designers are migrating from the catwalk into some other “fashion” related fields. Geographically,... Read More

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Giorgio Armani Enters the World of Luxury Hotels
Who can say fashion industry has its strictness? Giorgio Armani is now a hotel designer. He has designed 160 guest rooms and 144 luxury residential... Read More

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