What To Wear For Spring Summer 2017: The Vest

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I’m always preaching about not falling for the seasonal trends the fashion designers have educated us to follow religiously. I’m also highlighting the overwhelmingly liberating power of discovering and building one’s personal individual style above all said seasonal trends.

And I’m always curious -_^ did you find your style voice? What’s it saying? Does it say anything about vests and waistcoats? Because – believe it or not – the designers have set their mind on vests this Spring Summer 2017 season, it would be a fashionable time to bring them out of your closet!

what to wear spring summer 2017 vest

Personally, I really love vests! I have over 10 of them in my wardrobe for various seasons and various occasions. They were my elements of choice when building my reliable, heavy rotation looks for every season!

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During the cold months I depend upon the sleeveless turtleneck sweaters – also called vests -_^ . I wear them with tailored wide leg pants or jeans, with skirts and dresses and I feel just as comfortable and chic in every situation! (you can also wear them over long sleeved shirts or t-shirts, over blouses or with arm warmers for a quick change)

what to wear spring summer 2017 vest wang

My warm season vests are always tailored, structured. They carry the weight of the look on their lapels and how wonderful they are at this job! I’ve seen those tailored vests on the Spring Summer 2017 runway and they were fabulous! I wanted to take advantage of this trend bandwagon and jump right in to tell you what a joyride it is to wear vests!

what to wear spring summer 2017 vest copains

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For me, the vest is the pivotal element of the look. The intricacy and the etiquette they bring into the outfit needs no other structuring, no other statement item. Just accents to complete the look! Like this Les Copains Spring Summer 2017 look above – one I also favor dearly in my wardrobe (I wear my vest buttoned over a corset or a lace body, finishing with a very long skirt).

what to wear spring summer 2017 vest lanvin

Coup de Coeur: J. Crew Spring Summer 2017 as designed by Sikhounmoung!

I did a little research before starting to write this story – the waistcoat/vest seems to have exotic origins as it was brought into the Old Europe by a British explorer who got very fond of this particular Persian clothing item. However, the ‘waistcoat’ denomination in particular was very suggestive, inspiring many explanations some of which referred to its length, some to it being used during the war by soldiers who got their uniforms so worn out that they sometimes wore them inside-out (sometimes even sleeveless), hence waste-coat.

what to wear spring summer 2017 vest dolce gabbana

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Regardless of the historic pedigree, vests are a powerful addition to any wardrobe and, matched with the right items go beyond time and trends, attesting to a very solid style.

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