11 Incredibly Easy DIY Wreaths For Christmas, Valentine’s Day And Birthday Parties!

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The time of Christmas Wreaths have come and passed and yet I’m still talking about them. Could it be an effort to bring back those wonderful jolly days of decking the halls… and the doors? If writing about them and publishing pictures of Xmas stories would be all it takes to recreate that wonderful Holidays atmosphere, then I solemnly declare to write an Xmassy story every month! Every week – what? Nah! Every day!

Every day could be Christmas. Wait – someone already sang about that. Ugh.. I guess I’m sticking with my writing then. And my DIY Christmas Wreaths. Or I could just shorten it to DIY Door Wreaths. Like this one:

diy christmas wreath silver blue

The thing is, you see, I kinda wrote about these last year. And I know it could seem redundant to add yet another similar story just a year later, but I’d rather call it a habit – the habit of winter DIYs around the house. This time a neighbor (and friend) asked me for help, so here I am, to the wreath-rescue, with no less than 12 handmade door wreaths you wouldn’t believe how simple they are!

Minimalist wood wreath

diy minimalist christmas wreath

Here I have two wood twigs (can’t quite convince myself to call them branches – they’re so thin and flexible, they’re more appropriately called ‘twigs’). They’re tied together with rope to enhance the natural idea behind these particularly minimalist triangular wreaths. The decorations are also made of wood, some old Christmas tree decorations I had laying at the bottom of the decorations box.

diy minimalist winter wreath

You might notice some rope behind the decorations – it’s because the twigs are so naturally silky and their too-young skin is non-adherent to the hot silicone. The decorations kept coming off until I tied some rope in-between and then used the glue gun again. However, if I would think about this less conventional wreath in a non-Christmassy moment, I could decorate it with flowers (for spring), eggs (for Easter) or even spiders (for Halloween)!

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Natural wreath with pinecones

diy natural winter wreath pinecones

It wouldn’t be a Christmas Wreath without some greenery in it, wouldn’t it? Now this particular wreath can be done two ways – you can completely leave out the decorations and only stick to the green thuja wreath with all-natural pinecones glued in or you can go all the way with some red and silver, like I did. There’s no secret, just thuja branches circled together with fishing rod (or you can use green yarn, whatever you have at hand). I used the same rod to attach the pinecones.

diy natural winter wreath

Yes, I also used glue, but just to make sure the wind won’t sweep the cones away, I added extra strength with the fishing rod. If the wreaths were for my own personal use, I wouldn’t mind attending to anything that would possible go wrong with them, once finished. However, when I make something to be given away, I like to ensure the maximum stability possible so that nothing can tear apart my DIY.

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Table decoration with pinecones

diy christmas table decoration pinecones

Not exactly a wreath but using some pinecones, thus related to the one above. A simple table décor with pinecones glued together and some tinsel – so easy, so efficient, so festive! I committed myself to the ‘less is more’ and this is one of the reasons why. There’s so much, everywhere x-large with everything on the side. The flashiest, the better. Well, I’m taking some time off that. Will you join me?

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Feathers wreath

feathers valentines day wreath

The easiest wreath I’ve ever done! such a feisty one and I completely forgot to take all the good pictures to brag about it! The feathers are available in any craft store or even in the costumes aisle of big stores – I wrapped my base in some leftovers from a previous DIY project – my custom Ikea curtains. Then I glued the feathers and only added a big red bow made using more fabric scraps with a lot of texture and a big red heart hanging in the middle of the wreath. I wish the pictures would do this spectacular wreath justice but instead you’ll have to take my word for it: It’s one wreath you can keep from Christmas to Valentine’s Day with no worries whatsoever – the colors and the motifs work perfectly for both occasions!

how to feathers wreath valentines day

And because I had some leftovers from the big wreath, I did another one, smaller and in a completely different register. Although also on the minimalist side, for this new diy winter wreath I chose a bit more glamour with blue beads and white sequins glued in natural pinecones topped with pearls and a silver snowflake tied with a silver bow. All is good when it shines bright ^_^.

diy feathers winter wreath

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Bonbons wreath

diy bonbons winter christmas wreath

Now this might not be the prettiest, but it’s definitely the sweetest wreath I’ve ever done! I’ve glued a serious quantity of tinsel-wrapped multicolored bonbons on a wreath base and that was that. Taken out of the Christmas context, this DIY Bonbons wreath project can make a wonderful Birthday Party decoration, wouldn’t you say?

Silver tinsel wreath

diy silver tinsel glitter pinecones christmas wreath

All in the spirit of simplicity, with just three glitter covered cones and two glitter covered bells you can get the most of a sparkly decoration! Do you honestly feel the need for more shine and more festive? It’s all so easily done, that it becomes an instant favorite – wrap your wreath base in silver tinsel, glue some glitter cones and a pair of bells with a silver bow. If anything, it’s actually visually overwhelming!

Silver tinsel and pinecones wreath

diy silver tinsel pinecones christmas wreath

I enjoyed the above so much, I decided to create even more ways to incorporate silver tinsel into tiny wreaths. This one uses more silver bells and tiny pinecones. On a green base, I covered only partially the wreath base with silver tinsel filling the remaining space with pinecones and bells in no particular order or shape, freely. Wonderfully!

Silver and red wreath

silver red christmas wreath diy

Using the same idea, I wrapped a white fabric around my wreath base and covered partially with silver tinsel and with a red beaded garland. A heart dropping right from the middle of the red beaded garland makes a nice contrast, plus the added tinsel snowflakes garland adds texture and depth to the very colored half of the wreath.

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Green and red wreath

diy red green hearts valentines day wreath

With hearts and tinsel wrapped around a green fabric base, this could double as a Valentine’s Day wreath as it is! So many hearts, such a wonderful contrast, perfectly festive and Christmassy. And yet un-complicated with just two defining elements – hearts and shiny tinsel! Hang it in December and take it out after Valentine’s Day!

Angels and pinecones wreath

tinsel pinecones angels diy christmas wreath

Just the same, a visual feast of textures came to be this last wreath – fluffy tinsel with white and gold wrapped around a base decorated with pinecones and angels chanting the joy of the season! To secure the pinecones, I used fishing rod, not just glue, the same for the tiny cherubs – to secure them against the pinecones, I added extra tinsel, to create a larger contact surface to adhere to.

I hope your Holidays were as feisty and as filled with joy and love as ours! Don’t forget that even if you can’t deck the halls with tinsel every day, it can really be Christmas every day, in your heart!

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