Geek Ink: 5 Science Related Awesome Tattoos You Might Want

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When we (obsessively) talked about the geek chic, you wouldn’t think I’d get to this, would you? Naturally, being one of the inked but also a nerd by nature, I won’t go around the tattoos topic. Especially not when they’re controversial. Or unexpected.

So here I am, again talking about ink. Only this time, for the geek population: tell me, what’s the weirdest tattoo you’ve seen? (and please focus on the geek topic) and where was it placed on the body? Below you have my selection of 5 geek, science, nerd tattoos you might want to keep in mind for applied usage:

{1} Thumbprint tattoos by Kevin Lewis – this is the human interpretation of the cliché barcode tattoo we’ve seen one too many times. {Kevin Lewis, who’s a notorious ink artist keeps close to Kat Von D’s High Voltage Tattoo}

Thumb print tattoo Kevin Lewis

{2} Mechanisms tattoos: whether it’s a camera, or an invention blueprint (like Mr Edison’s phonograph on Tyler Rollins, a musician’s skin or the blueprint of a camera which you’ll see in the gallery), more complicated, the better!

geek ink Mr Edison Phonograph tattoo

{3} Fancy Formula Tattoos: whether it’s Newton, Einstein or a chemical reaction, chemistry and physics are what makes a geek. (in the gallery, you’ll find the Oxytocin Molecule as inked by Bob Lindell from Renaissance Tattoo, Woonsocket, Rhode Island and right below, Adam Simpson’s Newton and Einstein equations: F=ma explains to an astonishing degree how the planets make their way around the sun. E=mc2 explains how that sun is able to supply those planets with so much light.)

geek ink Formula tattoo

{4} Anatomy – inspired tattoos: the wonderful science around the human (and more) body dealing with all the magical complexity is not for everyone. As such, there’s an entire skeletons, veins and muscles panoply that has even crossed the geek – boundaries into mundane tattoo land.

geek ink Anatomy inspired tattoo

geek ink Astronomy inspired tattoo Solar System

{5} Astronomy – inspired tattoos: whether it’s the usual compass tattoo or the constellations inked together on a hopelessly romantic’s skin, a geek is recognized for knowing his whereabouts on the sky map better than in his native city streets (hereby the Solar System and below, in the gallery, the visual depiction of how to plot a line of position from a celestial body using the altitude intercept method, as described by its bearer, Marc Morency, Quartermaster 1st class USN; and the lunar map of July 20, 1969, the night humans first set foot on the moon, also the day the bearer of the tattoo’s parents met) (the photos were carefully handpicked from here, here, here, here, here, here and here)

geek ink mechanic blueprint camera geek ink planet tattoo geek ink tattoo

geek ink chemical formula Oxyitocin tattoo geek ink sky map tattoo geek ink Fibonacci spiral amazing tattoo

geek ink Astronomy inspired tattoo Scorpio Constellation geek ink Astronomy inspired tattoo geek ink Astronomy inspired tattoo veins


#1 Iltafaat on 09.04.12 at 5:21 am

Love These Tattoos, Afraid Of Needles Otherwise Will Definitely Go For Thumbprint Tattoo

#2 kpriss on 09.04.12 at 7:08 am

it’s not as bad as it sounds ;) after a couple of minutes, the area goes numb anyway :)

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