2016 BAFTA Red Carpet Dresses: Red & Black Elegance

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Another week, another Red Carpet rolling out for the movie stars. This time in Europe, at the Royal Opera House in London, UK. Although the nominees were pretty much the same (and so were the awarded), the Red Carpet proved to be one of the most boring I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Yet so elegant and classy. And boring. Oh – did I say that already? Wherever you would turn your hear there was a lady dressed in black or red. I wish I would’ve been a fly on the Opera House wall that night, to see half the audience dressed in red and the other half dressed in black! I think someone must’ve slipped something in the invite saying ‘formal wear, black or red for the ladies and black for the gents!’!

2016 Bafta Red Carpet dresses Kate Winslet Alicia Vikander Cate Blanchett

For comparison: The Tops and Flops of this year’s Emmys Red Carpet!

2016 Bafta Red Carpet Idris Elba

Even Idris Elba got it – he wore black from tip to toes. Armani, yes, but Code Black! (take that 007!) Now let’s see which ladies got the memo and went for black: Kate Winslet did! She wore Antonio Berardi, her own style except the hair was all wild and beach-like this time. Alicia Vikander definitely did as her custom Louis Vuitton leather dress stands to proof. And my absolute favorite (this comes as no surprise, I imagine) Cate Blanchett in custom Alexander McQueen (sigh! Perfection!).

2016 Bafta Red Carpet dresses Rebel Wilson Antonia Thomas Laura HaddockRemember when: Baftas Red Carpet used to be fun – Hellen Mirren showed up with pink hair?

Rebel Wilson did too (she must’ve cut the front of her skirt, I can’t imagine it otherwise – funny woman, funny Mariana Rinaldi outfit). Antonia Thomas (Misfits) wore a black Persy couture dress, Laura Haddock impressed everyone (not!) with her fluffy black dress. At least she had an excuse for it – what’s yours for foul talking the new mom? Why didn’t media pick on her ‘new mom glow’ and chose to bash her wild dress instead?

2016 Bafta Red Carpet dresses Zoe Ball Amanda Scanlon Heida Reed Lily Donaldson

Wrapping up the black dressed party, Zoe Ball (UK Radio and TV personality), Angela Scanlon (TV presenter, stylist), Amanda Berry (BAFTA CEO in Burberry), Heida Reed (you’ve seen her in Poldark, One Day) and Lily Donaldson (in Saint Laurent).

2016 Bafta Red Carpet dresses Dakota Johnson Emilia Clarke Annabelle Wallis

The new Red Carpet ‘washed-out’ trend: This year’s Critics Choice Awards!

Now the reds: with lovely Dakota Johnson (in red Dior dress, who, despite of the lack of bra that got everyone talking, I think she looked amazing). Emilia Clarke (in red Victoria Beckham dress), Annabelle Wallis (in red Oscar de la Renta) and Dree Hemingway (in red Erdem dress), pregnant Hannah Bagshawe (custom Emilia Wickstead red dress) – slipping in the beautiful Angela Bassett who was also on the red-end of the dresses hues.

2016 Bafta Red Carpet dresses Dree Hemingway Hannah Bagsawe Angela Bassett

Do you know: How toys are changing the world right now?

Caught in the middle of the bizarre two toned dress code: Saoirse Ronan (in Burberry dress), Rooney Mara (in Givenchy Couture dress), Olga Kurylenko (in that weird collared white lace dress), Isla Fisher (in Stella McCartney white dress much in the bandage style that was so popular years ago) and resplendissant Julianne Moore in Armani white dress with black trimming. After this Red Carpet, I admit I’m pretty scared to think ahead at the Oscars gowns!

2016 Bafta Red Carpet dresses Saoirse Ronan Rooney Mara Olga Kurylenko

Besides being a Red Carpet beauty: Julianne Moore is also honest and blunt about women in Hollywood!

2016 Bafta Red Carpet dresses Isla Fisher Julianne Moore


#1 Theodora on 02.20.16 at 7:39 am

You know, I am glad most of them are full covered, no deep plunge, no hip bones exposed, no sheerness.
Juliane Moore looked espectacular. Such simple design yet suck stricking effect.
Cate Blanchet was “hors concours” , as always. She is at another level.

#2 keiko on 02.21.16 at 2:48 am

The dresses are exquisite & the actresses have their own level / brand of talent but style icons I don’t see. The uniformity gives me fashion fatigue! I miss individual style like Cher in Bob Mackie or Bjork & her swan dress. Dakota Johnson looks lovely but I’m not sure whether I personally like the minimalistic styling or I am conditioned to admire the “pretty young girl”. Ultimately easily forgotten – sadly for us fashion fans.

#3 kpriss on 02.22.16 at 12:24 am

so true! Yes, Cate’s levels of both professionalism and style are completely superior to the most!

#4 kpriss on 02.22.16 at 12:30 am

Wasn’t it weird, Keiko? To have them all dressed in red or black? I’ve rarely seen anything like it!
Your point on Dakota is so valid! although I do admire her consistency – Alicia Vikander has extreme potential yet she never gets minimalist looks. She’s more the ‘gout du jour’ than Dakota, wouldn’t she appear so to you?

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