What Style This Fall: Bohemian Or Military?

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Out of the many style suggestions and catwalk models proposed by the talented designers for the Fall/Winter 2015-2016, let’s narrow it to two timeless approaches: Bohemian and Military!

Of the two, what would you choose? Who knows, you may even have it in your closet and you’ll save yourself the splurge for something else! So far, you’ve received a fair share of emails with fall collections from your favorite stores and you may have you heart set on some items, but before you click on buy, read below, it may help you make your best decision:

fall fashion trends report stylefrizz

Bohemian Seventies

The 70s keep haunting the catwalks for two years now and they seem to be here to stay. Flared trousers & Jeans, layering dresses over trousers or bohemian tailoring will be your trend-friends throughout the season.

fall fashion trends seventies fashion week catwalk

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Keep nature-inspired colors & all-denim looks close but you can also play around with electric combinations or accents – chances are you already have a tweed trouser in your wardrobe! Pair it with a bow neck shirt or a fur-collared jacket and you’re good to go!

fall fashion trends bohemian

For the accent accessory this season, think fringes. Tasseled dresses, earrings, bags, shoes, fringed capes, you name it, just fringe it!

fall fashion trends fringes

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Tailored Military

Always there, always stylish, a strong, the masculine-inspired tailored jacket and coat have been faithful companions throughout the cold season. The fall/winter 2015-2016 makes no exception as all designers received the same stylists books which indicated that each collection has to have a military style item!

fall fashion trends military catwalk fashion shows

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As such you’ll find long coats, bouffant pants tucked in high boots, aviator-like jackets and camouflage patterns all over the world’s catwalks. It’s a trend we’re happy to embrace as we’ve all amassed a nice stack of military inspired clothes over the years it’s been on-and-off fashion. Basically every fall you’ll notice an abundance of khakis and leather with faint touches of fur, knits and plaid.

fall fashion trends military camouflage catwalk

…especially fur! It’s on every catwalk, in every collection! Natural fur, ethically correct fur, mindful fur, long, short, printed or naturally mimicking the wild patterns, fur coats were strongly represented in this season’s collections!

fall fashion trends coats fur catwalk

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So if there’s a highly distinctive trait for the fall-winter 2015 2016 fashion season, let it be ‘seventies’ with a dash of military! Raid your momma’s closet, all those vintage stores and you’ll even put together an original wardrobe on a budget! (images courtesy styledotcom)


#1 Ana on 09.04.15 at 8:08 am

Militar for me, no doubt, as it is well structured.
I look like a homeless in bohemian, even if is expensive.

#2 kpriss on 09.04.15 at 9:03 am

oh, Ana! I’m sure you’re amazing no matter what you wear! I too love structured clothing, but if I were to choose, I think bohemian is more my style… My favorite tailored mix is wide leg tailored pants with sneakers :-) (hides ‘bum’ face lol)

#3 Ana on 09.06.15 at 9:29 am

I thought you would favour bohemian, dont know why… perhaps by your picture? or by the nature of the posts … dont know.
I LOVE your hairstyle by the way, I always wanted to comment on it .

#4 kpriss on 09.06.15 at 9:44 pm

Thank you Ana! I’ll pass that along to my hairstylist asap! She’ll be delighted to hear that! (so will I, since I am my own hairstylist lol! It’s my second year since I cut my own hair – never been happier with it! Guess it’s also because I have nobody else to blame but me if things go south mwuahahaha!)

that too makes me a bohemian, huh? hihi <3

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