4 Black Magic Sweaters To Warm Up This Season!

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I’ve had my pink years and my purple years, now, as my minimalist fashion sense is controlling me, black and grey are definitely my wardrobe palette de coeur. Getting less colorful in my looks has left me with a lot of freedom when it comes to accessorizing. I love bold earrings, in funky colors. I love fancy belts and happy scarves, I love fancy nail art and unruly hairdos.

But I like my clothes on the monochromic side. So when I’m not wearing grey or a variation of greige, I’m definitely wearing black. From head to toes if I can, yes. If I wasn’t so clumsy to spill anything and everything on me, wearing black could’ve helped me be more wash-conscious!

black sweaters you need

How about some shopping, huh? I even saw a printed top saying ‘shopping is my cardio’. It’s not mine, but browsing through fashion items online definitely is my yoga! Today I’m meditating on knitwear: black magic sweaters! Four of them, to cover the season and to cozy-up till summer comes!

The Black Sweater Dress

black sweater dress

This is definitely my favorite from this magic lot! It has everything I love and more! The Arctic Knit Dress from Ministry of Style has that turtleneck that’s so en vogue this season. As a scarf fanatic, I’m crazy about turtlenecks every year the season presents itself! It has no sleeves which for me is a plus since my arms are getting all itchy from sweaters. And the length! Did I already praise the mid-length dresses? If not, beware, you’ll see me talking about mid lenghts so much more from now on! They’re so flattering and feminine, and casual and comfy!

The Black short-sleeve sweater/vest

cable stitch black sweater short sleeve vest

Layering is the game I play the most when I put together my looks. Being able to layer basic pieces or simply change your outfit just by adding or dropping a layer is magical to me and Seen Worn Kept’s Fairfield Cable Stitch Pullover is such a versatile knitwear! It can be worn as a vest or layered over a dress, a shirt or another top! Perfect in my eyes, a must own!

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The Black Sweater Maxi Cardigan

black maxi sweater cardigan

This is on my wishlist! My dream wishlist seeing that the price is scary high. But I’m willing to close my eyes and dream that I will one day count this Lucky Chouette Hoody Long Cardigan in my wardrobe! It just has everything working for it! The cable stitching, the hood, the (non)color, the length! I know it would be sick to wear it when it rains and pours, but seriously, isn’t it beautiful?

The Black Sweater Cape

black sweater cape

I told you about my sweater-condition: I get itchy arms when I wear sweaters. Especially wool-blends… Sad but true. Yet, I’m a layering girl, so I get by with a short-sleeve vest or a cape like this Jonica Capelet Sweater from BB Dakota! It’s so majestic yet so contemporary with that cape-like silhouette! You can layer it (yessss!!!) or wear it on its own, with pants, denim or skirts/dresses, it will look cool either way! My dream look would definitely involve a pair of fishnet tights and pin-up (black) velvet shorts! Add the mandatory over-the-knee boots and you’re good to party all night long!

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The Black Knitted Oversized Scarf

black oversized knitted scarf

This is a bonus. A Knit Bonus! Why I’m including it? Because I have a knitted oversized scarf that saved me countless times! The best thing about a scarf is that it always doubles as a wrap. So I will always have and recommend an oversized knitted scarf!


#1 lm on 03.07.16 at 10:02 am

So happy this blog is here, regardless of how long it took me to discover it, LOL.

I too have to be conscious to add the requisite lights, brights, & pastels to the basic black/grey/navy/burgundy wardrobe, so these are very useful tips.


#2 kpriss on 03.09.16 at 2:13 am

I used to be a pink-girl. Now I’m back to black, so to speak – I still have the pinks in my wardrobe, so I’m bending them too, in whatever space is left in-between black and grey ;-)

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