Dare To Try Comfortable And Fashionable Shoes!

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Audrey Hepburn, Jean Shrimpton – what do they have in common besides their excellent flair for style and an outstanding level of professionalism? (among others) they both loved and wore extensively the iconic original sandal created by Dr Scholl back in the sixties!

I’ve been a loyal fan of practical comfort – you’ve read my accolades for a new Birkenstock collection, now I’ll keep it grounded with a new story about comfortable shoes that are unbelievably comfortable: DrScholl’s, the iconic wood-soled footwear brand is adding amazing new designs to its classic original collection: scroll down to see why I’m so enthusiastic about!

stylish comfortable shoes Audrey Hepbrun Jean Shrimpton

Slip On Sneakers

slip on sneakers dr scholls scout

The new sneakers style reigning supreme in fashionistas’ closets for many seasons now gets a comfortable interpretation from Dr Scholl’s. In leather of animal print mix, the slip on Scout sneaker looks oh-so-fashionable! Definitely passed the ‘certain age’ appeal when trends prevail no more when compared to wearing comfort! I can see these shoes in the die-hard fashionistas closets just as much as I see it in any other closet! Why shouldn’t we all walk in comfortable shoes?

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Flatform Sandals

comfy fashionable flatform sandals dr scholls original meringue

Oh, the many wonders of flatforms: sneakers, shoes, sandals, boots, I would love all my footwear with a bit of flatform! The Frill, Flight, Fraser and Warner Wedge sandals are all part of the ‘Meringue’ collection that distinguishes itself from all others though the Dual Density foot bed – something that I’ve heard to be extremely comfortable! I have my heart set on the Flight sandal in charcoal and would love to give the Warner Wedges a spin!

Pointy Flats

comfy fashionable pointy flats dr scholls original

With Fall just around the corner, I’m trying to wrap my head around closed-toe shoes and certainly my closet will follow! Dr Scholl’s Tenacious flat (in charcoal) and the Tivoli D’Orsay flat (in tan/black leather) would make a nice finish to my transitioning summer-to-fall wardrobe! These two stand proof yet again that comfortable footwear can be fabulous to look at, not just to wear! The memory foam insole for these flats that sold me – I’m usually very reluctant to ballerina flats and don’t feel comfortable wearing them for too long.

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Wood-soled Sandals

comfy fashionable wood soles sandals dr scholls

The original iconic model in Dr. Scholl’s sixties offering, the one that caught the hearts of legends like Audrey Hepburn and Jean Shrimpton continues to reign supreme in Dr. Scholl’s sales! The simplicity, the appeal, the timeless value make these a staple in any wardrobe! They go with anything, with any style and occasion (ok, maybe I’d think twice before wearing them to the Opera!) and people still love them after all these years! I would happily wear some red ones and I would add grey and orange to the models too!

Men’s Boots

comfy fashionable dr scholl men boots

I wouldn’t leave them out just because there’s a smaller selection for men from Dr Scholl’s new range is considerably more limited, especially compared to the women’s section! The handful of shoes & boots for men I’ve seen here and there on social media have me convinced: Dr Scholl’s are worth wearing! For the comfort, the economy and the looks, they keep making fashion history with every season.

celebrities love comfy shoes dr scholls

many celebrities were seen wearing Dr Scholl’s comfortable footwear (from L to R: Sarah Jessica Parker, Danii Minogue, Kirsten Dunst, Renee Zellweger, Mila Kunis)

The downside of an old company trying to keep up with the new is that they’re rarely convinced their change has to go deeper than the homepage and two lookbooks/year. Dr Scholl’s website, although active and attractive only features a single professional-quality photograph/product. The thumbnails you’ll see on the homepage are also available in larger sizes on each product page but that’s as far as hi-quality photography goes. Most of all other images are dull, looking old and unattractive.

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When I look for a certain shoe online, I want to see it in someone’s feet, I want to see how it bends, how it looks from every angle (yes, even the soles!) – you won’t find that on Dr. Scholl’s website, as revamped as it is!

dr scholl s shoes good vs bad product photography

Actually, there’s hardly any picture of wearing the footwear even on social media! They could get so much better, so much bigger just by encouraging the social media content from real-life users! I’m not saying freebies are an answer, I’m merely suggesting to embrace the endless possibilities social media can offer to a brand that’s obviously not marketing-oriented not even on their own website.

dr scholls new designs comfy fashionable shoes

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As much as I loved the new designs, when I wanted more details, my excitement easily and rapidly turned into disappointment because of the atrocious lack of quality visual material. That’s also why Dr. Scholl’s maintains a dusty in the eyes of the new generation and things don’t look any better, despite their obvious rejuvenating efforts.

dr scholls pointy flats new designs

People don’t need to ‘discover’ nowadays: they need to be told and shown what and how to wear in the best visual way possible! That’s how the new world functions – upgrade or go home.


#1 Cate on 08.22.15 at 1:35 pm

The wood soled sandals are NOT comfortable- don’t waste your money. I learnt this mistake in the 90s.

#2 kpriss on 08.24.15 at 10:49 pm

I remember I had a pair some… 10 years ago! But at the time, comfort was definitely something that would either motivate or stop me from buying/wearing something… So you say we should steer away from these? or from all wood soled sandals in general?

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