Calvin Klein And Christy Turlington, Ad Partners From 1988

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There’s something about casting a 44yo in advertising campaigns for lingerie. Something daring but oh-so empowering! Especially since the woman in question is not only a flawless model but also an activist and real-life wife and mother!

Christy Turlington advertising career with Calvin Klein started in 1988 and it’s still going strong even as we speak as the new Calvin Klein underwear ad campaign will roll out full speed next month. Expect subtlety and established seduction as it has always been the case with Calvin Klein’s advertising, especially when Christy was involved!

Christy Turlington Calvin Klein advertising 2013 1988

Do we even need to discuss Christy’s amazing physical shape? I love the simplicity and the grown-up charm portrayed in these images signed by Mario Sorrenti! The graceful attitude Christy is displaying makes me forget about her clothes. Or lack of thereof. Speaking of which: is it just me, or that bra really has a strange shape? I would think twice before trying it on!

Christy Turlington Calvin Klein lingerie ad campaign

Christy Turlington Burns lingerie Calvin Klein advertising

Christy Turlington amazing body Calvin Klein lingerie


#1 Appollonia on 07.23.13 at 8:53 am

Yes, that bra has a bit of strange shape. Like the designer tried to hard?

But Christy…bring her on and other ‘older’ models please. Mothers and wives….like it is in the real world.

I read she bought a building and turned it into a shelter for women victims of domestic violence with her kids. Christy is the kind of humanitarian I admire. No official announcements, not use the PR. Christy Turlington beautiful inside and outside, I love you! Still the Supermodel to me.

#2 anonymus on 08.21.13 at 1:12 pm

Christy Turlington I have it associated with Calvin Klein Eternity perfume, she was the image of the campaign for this fragrance and it was my perfume from age 14 to 18, all of my adolescence.

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