Are You Wearing The Right Bra?

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Last Friday that wonderful, amazing, unearthly beautiful thing happened: Date Night! We went out! Just me and My Adored Husband! Aaaaah !(sigh) it was great!

Yeah, so before I sound (too) weird, let me tell you how it actually went down: we had to run some errands, sign this and that and then we had lunch and… well, went to see a movie (we’ll get back to that later) and then scooped for some clothes for our eldest boy (who’s stick thin and growing like out of water) and I (blushing) finally got to try some bras I was eyeing for a while and now were on sale. Which brings us to the current topic: do you know how to pick a bra? I don’t think I know anymore… (check out the rest of the story right after the jump!)

lace wireless bra

I grew up being a B. Sometimes a C. Which is huge, for an otherwise lean structured body. Now something you hear a lot: being pregnant and heavily breastfeeding my babies (all four of them), I’m left with… an A, I think. Or to put it nicely: I have the breasts of a teenager! Who’s lucky, because she knows that she’s growing out her breasts. While me.. well. Moving on.

bra fitting

So – being the waif that I am, I absolutely wanted to cut out wires. Underwired bras have this nasty way of sticking into my skin, between the wires and my bones, there’s just this thin, sensitive layer of skin. I don’t like the feeling of underwired bras piercing through it. At all. So: no wires! As you’ll see, I wanted something really specific. I also wanted to give up padding. Push-up? Begone! Heavily lined bras? Out of my way! I’m a grown woman and I feel comfortable in my own skin – hence I wanted what they call a wireless, unlined, “triangle bra” – see what I mean by that below.

lace triangle wireless bra

Long story short: I tried two (triangle) bras. I was horrified. Not only they didn’t fit, but it was worse than I could ever anticipate – the bras I wanted didn’t fit, the bras that could fit me, didn’t interest me. Did you ever feel that? What was the best solution you found?

Now, here’s something about bras and finding the right one: did you know that bras, worn by rotation, could last you up to one year, tops? And that, in order to care for your bras in the best possible way, you’ll have to wash them by hand? Yeah, but how do I know that my bra is the best possible bra for my constitution? Eaaaasy!

fit bra

Stop buying bras just because the label reads that they’re your size! Bras sizes vary from one label to another, from one model to another! The only way to know a bra is the right bra for you is to try it on! The tighter, the better! You’d have to be able to run just one finger under the bra’s band. If the band is the right size but you’re spilling out of your bra, up the cup size! Remember: shoulder straps should only support 10% of your breast weight! So you shouldn’t have shoulder strap marks! Unless… you’re not having the right bra size! How about you: do you have any bra fitting secrets to share? (the bras included here came from: 1, 2, 3)

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