The Truth About The Lagerfeld Barbie Doll

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Since the news about an upcoming Barbie Karl Lagerfeld was released online, countless social channels started spreading the word and numerous fashion enthusiasts (more or less professionals) were almost jumping up and down with sheer joy, celebrating the wonderful partnership.

Is it, really? Let’s clear out the mystic fashion fog and take a look at the real facts behind the historical collaboration between the world’s most prestigious toy maker, Mattel, and the world’s most proficient fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld!

truth about Lagerfeld Barbie

Barbie doll is a legend. Ask any little girl what her favorite doll is and her natural reaction will place Barbie on the same shelf as water and candy. Through economical drizzle, Barbie survived. Through social storms, Barbie went ahead, multiplying its representatives with modern interpretations of the classic doll.

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… this year, Mattel announced a 61% drop in second-quarter profit partly because the worldwide sales of the Barbie doll have registered 15% decreases in the latest quarter.

And that despite the marketing effort trying to put a new social & cultural shiny crown on Barbie’s head – Vogue covers? Sports Illustrated swimsuit model? Registering on LinkedIn?

Mattel special edition Barbie Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld, on the other hand, is fashion world’s reigning King. His authority is unchallenged for decades and his talent drive still strong, even after nearly 60 years in the fashion industry! His style is just as renowned as his sense of humor, der Kaiser being widely appreciated and loved for candidly (sometimes offensively) speaking his mind and… for lending his liking to numerous toys and toy-like creations.

Will Lagerfeld’s name and fame be enough to boost Barbie back on the market? It definitely appeals to the fashion population and to collectors worldwide. But is that the new target Mattel’s marketing team is aiming at with this limited anniversary collection? How about the children of the world, the classic customers who have placed Barbie on the crystal pedestal for so many years, reigning supreme over the dolls of the world?

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Fashion is not an oxygen reservoir, breathing life into the toy industry. Fashion is but a short, rolled, puffed, toxic temporary solution to a problem that will continue to exist underneath a slick white ponytail, black oversized shades and a fashion signature. Our children’s perspective is changing. Don’t let fashion corruption taint their need to break free from Clichés Kings&Queens!

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