Simple Style Tricks For Great Outfits: Unexpected Combinations!

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Just like most things you mix and match, fashion has its break-out rules you need to follow to maximize the effect of the clothes you’re wearing! Mix and match, yes, but what and how?

This is a quick guide of the most used mix-and-match principles to apply for your daily outfits. It’s hardly rocket science, although the end result will dazzle and intrigue, enchant and amaze almost every time! Friends and strangers alike will most definitely notice your slick and personal approach to fashion!

personal style tips tricks mixing matching

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Precious & Casual

This is one of the most significant coordinates to follow when you’re putting together your look! How does it translate in specific items? Think of pairing a silk shirt and denim trousers, a tulle skirt with a sweatshirt, military/biker boots with flowery dresses. These are just three of the most used combos you’ve definitely noticed around you and often wanted to try yourself! Don’t wait, go ahead and find your mix&match pieces for the precious and casual rule! Don’t cross it by pairing silk with silk, tulle with tulle, lace with lace and so on! It’s too much at once, go for the half and half safe bet!

tips for personal style mixing precious casual

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Form & Texture

A derivative rule from the precious and casual style principle takes care of the garment’s shape and the fabric texture they’re made of. You need to be careful about the clothes volumes, don’t overpuff just as well as you mustn’t overslim. In the sweet words of fashion mortals like myself, that translates with only mix skinny jeans loose tops and only wear wide leg pants with fitting tops! These are the first two examples at the tip of my tongue but if you think of the idea, I’m sure you’ll come up with some sensitive matching examples yourself! (just avoid turnoffs like a maxi skirt and a tunic or micro shorts and crop tops outside the beach and so on)

tips for personal style mixing form texture

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As far as fabric texture fabric goes, practice the same ‘nothing is better than double’ the texture! Don’t go with fur and leather in the same outfit and definitely avoid the jersey double-look unless you’re aiming for a pajama party getup! You can always get the best match by pairing a chunky knit with a delicate spring dress, wool trousers with silk shirts, tulle skirts with denim shirts… you’ve got the idea already: mix, people! That’s where the ‘mixing pleasure’ is!

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Color & Accessories

I said that a handful of main mixing rules are largely enough to ensure you a safe, stylish passage in any occasion, at any time, anywhere! While this may sound simple, talking about matching colors and accessories is highly complex! Keeping it short, though: generally add just one strong color to a neutral! The idea is to pop up the color – think bright pink with washed out grey! Or grass green with buttery white. These are the kind of color pop-ups you’re aiming for!

tips for personal style mixing color accessories

Statement jewelry are called statement for a reason: choose one piece to accent your look and stick to it alone (chunky necklace or chandelier earrings or stacked bracelets, don’t mix them unless you really know your bling game). This particular mixing case requires a lot of distance between the key elements – pair your earrings or your necklace with your shoes or tights! Pair your statement rings or bracelets with a headpiece. Play the bling matching rule by following the ‘far, far away’ principle!

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