13 Fashion Pumpkins For A Stylish Halloween!

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Come All Hallows Evening , even pumpkins get their own costume! What is your pumpkin wearing this season, is it in or out of trends?

Starting off with what proved to be the most successful animated movie of all times: Frozen! Released in November 2013, Frozen has missed last Halloween so this year we’re about to see a lot of Elsas and Annas, Olafs and whatnots from the white mountains of Arendelle trick or treating straight to our doorsteps! Thusly, you need:

13 fashionable pumpkins for stylish halloween

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1. The Frozen Pumpkin It is but a stylish, crowned reminder of Hans Christian Andersen’s Snow Queen story turned into an animated story which charmed the small and the grownup audiences worldwide! You know you loved it, so ‘Let it Go!’ and express your Frozen fanatic this Halloween with a DIY Frozen pumpkin as explained by A Pumpkin and a Princess’s Crystal!

Frozen Elsa pumpkin

2. The Karl Lagerfeld Pumpkin A series of fashion designers and fashion luminaries turned into pumpkins will definitely make the delight of everyone in the industry and beyond! However, when you turn to this type of Halloween decorations, be sure your neighbors & friends know about der Kaiser. Otherwise everyone will be missing the point…

the karl lagerfeld pumpkin

3. The Grace Coddington Pumpkin The iconic red mane of the equally iconic model and Vogue editor, Grace Coddington, looks amazing in guise of Halloween decoration. Even if your passion for everything fashion went unnoticed in the neighborhood, this one here may always go as Merida the Brave’s pumpkin.

Grace Coddington pumpkin fashion Halloween

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4. The Anna Wintour Pumpkin Although it looks very much like Anna, once you set your mind to believe it’s her likeness, this pumpkin looks exactly like Edna Mode, Pixar’s fashion designer for superheroes costumes! A pumpkin identity that’s even better, funnier than Anna Wintour!

Anna Wintour pumpkin fashion Halloween

5. The Olsen Twins Pumpkins Seriously, these two are deliciously funny! With they pouts and their shades, they look fantastic even without knowing who they really are! Their outfits are almost always weird (at least Mary Kate’s is) so it’s definitely like they dress up for Halloween every day!

Olsen twins pumpkin fashion Halloween

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6. The Rachel Zoe Pumpkin Oh, yes, definitely a must-try! Rachel Zoe has grown into quite the character over the years. Her favorite expressions alone make her Halloween-suitable: ‘ I die’. The pumpkin in Rachel Zoe’s likeness will be definitely making some fans in and out the fashion world. That’s what happens when one takes herself too seriously – one becomes a cartoonish version of one’s self.

Rachel Zoe pumpkin fashion Halloween

7. The Andre Leon Talley Pumpkin Just put a cape on it and there you have it! The Alt pumpkin is just so very! Vogue’s editor-at-large and Fashion judge extraordinaire is a distinct and unique character in the fashion world. His appearance is almost always covered in a cape, and that alone makes him Halloween – material!

Andre Leon Talley pumpkin fashion Halloween

8. The Jenna Lyons Pumpkin Loving J. Crew has nothing to do with finding a perfectly oval shaped pumpkin putting an oversize specs frame on it and drawing a flat mid-part hairdo! Jenna Lyons has a strongly defined aesthetic and that’s how we love our fashion pumpkins: clearly defined and looking just like the original!

Jenna Lyons pumpkin fashion Halloween

9. The Pirates of the Caribbean Pumpkins Johnny Depp has gone where no one has ever gone before into portraying a villain pirate Jack Sparrow and actually making everyone love the drunken crazy guy in the process! He’s as spooky as he’s funny, thusly perfect for Halloween decorations! His Halo-lady looks lovely as well!

Pirates of the Caribbean pumpkin Jack Sparrow Halloween

10. The ‘stached Pumpkins Something about being fashionable and keeping it simple and minimal is challenging and always a good idea. A white pumpkin with a dapper moustache seems oh-so-fancy, you might not resist it: it’s mysterious, it’s the key ingredient to a good decoration by not showing it all but merely suggesting it. (and oh, how amazingly simple to realize!)

mustache pumpkins stylish halloween

11. The Dressed-up Pumpkins Whether you choose lace, knitwear or a flirty corset, a dressed-up pumpkin is such an exquisite idea! The contrast of the lace, the cozy sweater cover, the alluring corset braid make for a playful décor on the Halloween theme, with a stylish spin! Dig up your ol’ sweaters, sacrifice your lace-y tights, get crafty with contrasting ribbons, have fun while costuming your pumpkins this year!

dressed up pumpkins fashion Halloween

12. The Hello Kitty Pumpkins A classic hit, Sanrio’s Kitty is world’s most beloved cartoon feline. And she’s so versatile and fun to play with! Change colors, have a blast with different paint colors, put a hat on it, all the girls in the neighborhood will looove your Hello Kitty pumpkin!

Hello Kitty pumpkin Halloween

13.The Hat-kin With the right message and the cute decorated hat, your pumpkin may look fun or scary, depending on your mood. Take inspiration lessons from the world’s most appreciated milliners and hat owners, go wild, put it all out there! You can hide your pumpkin’s ‘face’ under the hat, get over carving, it’s so overrated, paint, cover, dress-up and have a spook-stylish Halloween! (fashion luminaries pumpkins from Domaine, the stached pumpkins from annilygreen, the sweater pumpkins from Debbie)

hat decorated pumpkins fashion Halloween

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I must say I do like the fashion maven pumpkins, they all made me laugh!
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