Creepy Halloween Nails

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After all these wonderful, wonderful years we spent together, you know me a little by now and you know I’m such a sucker for all things nails. Nail polish, nail art. I love it! I may have two left hands when it comes to doing my hair (although I’m getting better by the day), but I know a thing or two about nails, baby!

So, it was only natural that I do an inspirational nail piece for this Halloween! I know some may look scary, some may even be scary-ingly difficult to obtain, but this level of nail art creepiness deserves some serious attention! It’s art at your fingertips and, in part, you can pull it out too! (if only for the fake nails alone, and you still can pull it out magnificently!) ready? Let’s do this: my personal favorite, the Bloody Nails – splattered blood red polish over pearlish white nails. Sooooo Dexter-ish! (hit the jump for more nail art amazingness! Or click here for the gallery!)

blood splattered manicure for Halloween

Another one of my personal favorites is the eyeball nails – also on a white base with red little veins running across! And if you have a sharpie on hand, some neon green polish, you may as well consider the Frankestein nails! Scarrrrry!

Halloween manicure eyeballs

Frankenstein nails

Don’t forget the classic spider web and the spiders! Granted it’s not an easy one to pull if you’re having a spiders phobia (do consider staying away from any friends who has it, otherwise you won’t understand why this or that person suddenly doesn’t know who you are anymore). You can even go funky on them spider webs and choose metallic webs on black! I love, love, love that dark – trendy twist on the classic black web!

Spider web nails black on orange silver on black

You’ll also have guaranteed success with a pair of crossed bones and a lil’ skull. All white on black, biensur!

Skull and bones nails

Oh, and let’s not forget the bats, another Halloween classic! Relatively easy to draw, you can either go for a classic yellow and black or a more Batman-ish one.

Halloween bats and Batman manicure

Another classic: the ghost nail art! Just look at those lil’ ghosts! Don’t they look lovely and sweet, and scary… sweet? Adorable! I absolutely want one of those! Let’s not forget the pumpkins! You’ll have to agree that a bunch of colorful Jack – o – Lanterns on your fingertips spice up any Halloween moment!

Halloween nails ghost manicure

jack o lantern nails

A more studied and hard worked version of the skull and bones art is this great piece of nail art below. I love it, although it’s really complex for one individual to pull out!

scary Halloween nails

A special mention for the Monsters, Inc nail art! It’s one of my favorite animations and I couldn’t just let it out of a monsters – creepy – Halloween themed story!

Monsters Inc nails

If you’re in the mood for something dark and don’t want to go openly monster-ish about it, you can consider this nail corset manicure. It’s scary sexy!

sexy nails corset like

Let’s get really artsy about this Halloween! The following nail art is like a Halloween nails encyclopedia! Name your Halloween wish and you might just find it there! Just take a look:

Halloween decorated nails

different Halloween motifs nails

If you want my amateur nail passionate opinion, these spider tips manicured nails are heartbreakingly perfect! Not only the nails are natural and downright amazing, but the nail part in itself is great – it falls into the theme without being too busy, too obvious or too much.

great Halloween nails spider tips

Talking about French tips? How about black nails with orange tips? Could work, huh?

Halloween french tips

Or candy corn nail art: bright yellow, orange stripes with white tips?

candy corn nails

And if really none of the above feels right or on your alley, you can go all natural like this. Ok, I admit, this is a bit artsy, although natural. The second one, however, is way easier! (doesn’t it remind you of Voldemort’s nails?)

natural nails decorated with Halloween motifs

natural pointy nails goth voldemort

Now, after seeing all these great nail art examples, which one would you choose to represent Halloween at your fingertips? (the 13 credits, in order of appearance – just to be clear – I didn’t know they were 13 – I found out when I put them all together, after working the entire piece. 13, huh? makes sense after all, it’s Halloween! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13)

spider and spider web manicure scary colored nails for Halloween pretty scary nail art

perfect Halloween nails perfect Halloween manicure natural Halloween nail art

Monsters Inc manicure Halloween bloody nails great spiderweb manicure silver web

Batman nails for Halloween amazing Halloween nails


#1 sugarshallwe on 05.04.14 at 2:37 am

If I may ask, could you please tell me how you did your bloody nails with minimal spatter and the red on the tips of the nails?

#2 kpriss on 05.05.14 at 12:19 am

this type of splatter nail art is done with a little help from a regular beverage straw dipped in the polish of your choosing. For the nails you asked about, you start off with a white solid base and then paint your tips with red nail polish (it doesn’t have to be a French-type of nails tips, the line must be irregular, for a sloppy look). Using the same red polish, put some droplets on a piece of paper or plastic and dip a plastic straw’s end in the polish, place it over the nail and blow through it gently so it would create the splatter on the white nail. Seal it with topcoat and you’re good to go!

to protect your nails, you can apply scotch tape or painter paper tape around the nails, after your white base is dry or you can use a thick brush and apply regular vaseline around the nail – the excess polish will come off like it wasn’t even there!

I hope my answer helped, if anything, please let me know, I’ll be happy to talk more about nails :-)

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